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AGED Students Return from International Adventures

Story by Jeremy D’Angelo (master’s student)

Brazil 2015 061Cheyenne Moyer, a first semester master’s student in agricultural education, was part of a group of K-State students who traveled to Brazil this summer to learn about livestock production, management and processing practices, and experience the culture of Brazil.

“Most of the people who went on our trip were interested in the beef industry, but were not specifically animal science majors,” Moyer says. “There were a few other kids from other majors because at K-State you can go on any study abroad trips no matter what major you are.”

Moyer traveled to several beef cattle breeding and production operations, beef feedlots, a meat processing facility, a reproductive facility and several large integrated cropping and livestock enterprises.

“Right now they [Brazil] are the second largest beef industry right behind the U.S. and with just a few more advances in technology and genetics there is no reason that they couldn’t be number one in just a few years,” says Moyer.

Moyer visited farmers and ranchers and toured genetics facilities utilizing in-vetro fertilization, embryo transfer and cloning.

“I didn’t realize how hard it was to get a cloned calf on the ground,” Moyer says. “I just thought it was very similar to embryo transfer, but it’s nothing like embryo transfer.”

Students spent their free time by going fishing and swimming in some of the waterfalls and rivers and sampling Brazilian cuisines. Brazil 2015 228

Cheyenne was one of several students to receive a scholarship to fund her trip to make it more affordable.

“I got about half of my trip paid for,” Moyer says. “The cost may be discouraging, but it was definitely worth every penny.”

“If given the opportunity I would definitely go back to Brazil and I would like to go to New Zealand and Australia too”, says Moyer.

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