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Paige Druffel pictured with the other 2015 Executive Team Ag Ambassadors.
Paige Druffel pictured with the other 2015 Executive Team Ag Ambassadors.

Story by Paige Druffel, senior (ACJ)

When I visited K-State as a senior in high school nearly five years ago, I met with a lot of great people. My favorite part of the day was meeting with College of Agriculture Ambassadors. It was cool to hear their stories about K-State and why they loved the College of Ag so much. When I enrolled as a student, I knew that I wanted to be an ambassador, so that I too could share my K-State story.

Being a College of Ag Ambassador has been one of my favorite and most beneficial experiences. As ambassadors, we work with prospective student recruitment on campus and other places. I have represented K-State Ag at the Kansas State Fair, National FFA convention, junior and senior days on campus, on panels, through visits and ag experience days, All-University Open House, during orientation and enrollment, by making phone calls, writing hundreds of postcards, and through other events and activities.

My college career experience has been enriched by working with talented, caring people. Ag Ambassadors is such a diverse group of students from different backgrounds. I have made friends and future colleagues from all sectors of the ag industry. That would not have happened without Ag Ambassadors. Our awesome advisors Assistant Dean Sharon Thielen and Sandy Klein, events and projects coordinator always go above and beyond to help us become better ambassadors and people.

Although I am graduating in May and my time as an official College of Agriculture Ambassador is done, I will forever be an ambassador for K-State Ag.

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