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Department of Communications and Agricultural Education

Graduate Student Recognized for Academic Excellence

Story by Cassie Wandersee (master’s student)

Graduate students studying agricultural education and communication are known for their uncanny ability to balance teaching appointments, research projects, and thesis writing while maintaining excellent academics. Danielle Holladay, a third semester graduate student, was recently recognized for her outstanding dedication to academic excellence.

Danielle Holladay

“I have always had a personal goal to keep a strong GPA and put forth my best effort in classes, says Holladay. Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor society that seeks to recognize and promote academic excellence in higher education.

Members are invited to join the honor society based on their academic success. A 4.0 GPA and positioning within the top 10% of graduate students academic standing is required for entry.

Holladay attributes her dedication to academics to her parents. “Growing up my parents insisted that my homework had to be done first before I could participate in sports or horse riding. I also had to keep my grades up to participate,” says Holladay.pkp_hor2

The competitive drive Holladay fueled in sports, carried over to her academic career. “I want to be the top of my class,” explained Holladay. “Challenging myself to perform academically is very satisfying and I want to know that the work I submit in my courses is the best that it can be.”

Phi Kappa Phi offers many benefits to its members. “I think it will not only be a good resume builder, but there is a very large network of Phi Kappa Phi members with over one million members nationwide, providing me with ample networking opportunities. I am also interested in the internal job boards and mentoring opportunities,” says Holladay.

The organization also has numerous scholarship and fellowship opportunities for doctoral students. Pursuing a PhD is a path that Holladay has considered after completing her master’s degree.

While Phi Kappa Phi offers many benefits, giving back to the organization and upcoming students into the realm of higher education, is very important to Holladay.

“I hope to use this opportunity to mentor a graduate student some day through Phi Kappa Phi. I feel like it is important to give back to academia and help others in a way that so many have helped me,” says Holladay.


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