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Powercat Financial Counseling’s Top 3 Services Free to Students

With the current issue of student debt facing college students in the 21st century, it’s helpful to know that K-State offers free and beneficial financial education and help. Here are the top three FREE services that you may be interested in:

1. We offer free financial workshops on a variety of topics such as transitioning into work and understanding employee benefits, managing student loan repayment, budgeting and saving, etc. These workshops can be requested via our website at http://www.k-state.edu/pfc/services/presentations/. If you don’t want a full 45 minute workshop, but would just like a brief 10 minute “infomercial” about PFC services for your class, you also can indicate that in this online presentation request form.

2. We offer free one-on-one individual financial counseling services, where we assist students in reviewing their personal financial questions and concerns such as: creating a spending plan, assisting in the college financial planning and student loan management process, reviewing current student loans and discussing student loan repayment strategies, reviewing a credit report and educating on proper use of credit. These client sessions can be requested by students in iSIS by using the link on our website at http://www.k-state.edu/pfc/services/.

3. We offer a free online financial tool to all current students and alumni of K-State called SALT (created by a company called American Student Assistance) where you have access to: search engines for scholarships, internships and jobs; a loan navigator tool to run repayment calculations and recommendations for your loans; videos and tutorial on a variety of career and financial topics PLUS MUCH MORE. Students or alumni only need to sign up and activate their free SALT account by registering at www.Saltmoney.org/K-State to take advantage of these free financial resources. SALT will not sell you anything and it is truly FREE paid for by Powercat Financial Counseling.

To learn more about Powercat Financial Counseling, please go to our website at www.k-state.edu/pfc.

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