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Automating and Deepening Assessment Processes using Canvas and Power BI

New tools available to programs can facilitate collection, management, and analysis of direct assessment data.  With these new tools, it is now possible for faculty to assess direct student demonstrations of learning as part of the regular grading process.  Data collected in this way can then be automatically analyzed and delivered to those in the program responsible for assessment.  When fully implemented, this process has the potential to reduce the amount of time spent on process, and afford programs additional opportunities to use assessment data to guide improvements.

Automating Direct Assessment AnalysisThe Office of Assessment can help programs implement these new tools and design custom reports that meet the program’s needs.  This article describes using Canvas to collect data, but other options are available.  The key is that assessment data is gathered at the student level, which enables connection to other student indicators and metrics. Continue reading “Automating and Deepening Assessment Processes using Canvas and Power BI”