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Launch of New Genetic and Reproduction Education Website

Researchers at the University of Missouri, University of California-Davis, Kansas State University, and the University of New England, New South Wales have been working on a USDA grant aimed at identifying “broken genes” that impact reproduction in beef cattle for the past several years.  The project team has developed a website to host educational tools that stem from the grant at

The website includes links to fact sheets developed by and animated videos that explain genetics and genomics topics relevant to the grant, such as the impact of genetic antago-nisms on beef cattle selection.  New videos will be released periodically, so please check back often for new content.

For more background on the project see this link ( for the October 22, 2014, webinar entitled Identification and Management of Alleles Impairing Heifer Fertility While Optimizing Genetic Gain.   Dr. Megan Rolf, who is a member of the grant team, gives the first segment of this presentation.  Dr. Rolf, a native of east-central Kansas and undergraduate alumnus of ASI, has just joined the Animal Sciences and Industry faculty at K-State in a teaching and research position.  Megan can be reached at Other webinars in this series can be found at http://

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