Beef Tips

October 2017 Management Minute

“Are Your Position Descriptions Saying the Right Things?”

by Justin W. Waggoner, beef systems specialist

In 2015, Millennials surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation in the American workforce according to various sources. The question then becomes how you as employer or manager reach the most qualified members of this generation for your open positions. All position descriptions should be concise, including the job title, a summary of the general responsibilities and the minimum qualifications and skills required for the position. However, millennials are generally looking for more. This generation views themselves as part of a “greater good” and want to make the workplace, the community and the world a better place. Adding a brief description of the “why your company does what it does” and how this position contributes to that “why” is a great addition to a generic job description that appeals to the “greater good” this generation is looking for. Generational research indicates that millennials are also interested in the opportunity to learn and grow within a position. Given that this group is relatively new to the workforce, statements such as “5 years of previous experience preferred or required” are unattractive to those that meet the minimum requirements or have the skills but limited work experience. Millennials are generally viewed as an educated and well-connected generation that wants to know “what else they can do outside of work.” So if your organization is involved in community organizations, providing links to more information about those activities or the community might also be appealing. The ultimate goal of a job description or posting in the digital era is to generate that second “click” that leads the right person to apply for your position.

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