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September 2017 Management Minute

“Millennials make up the Majority of the Workforce”

by Justin W. Waggoner, beef systems specialist

There are approximately five generations currently in the American workforce. These generations are somewhat loosely defined across different sources as 1) WWI and WWII generation (born ~1901-1926); 2) Mature or silent generation (born ~1928- 1945; 3) The Baby Boomers (born ~1946-1965) 4) Generation X (born ~1965-1980); 5) Millennials (born ~1980-2000) and 6) Generation Z or Centennials. All of these groups have defining characteristics, and ideals that make them unique. Recently (2015), Millennials surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest of the generations in the American workforce according to various sources. So what are some defining traits of Millenials? This generation is generally viewed as an educated, very tech savvy group. They were raised in an environment where information via the Internet was readily accessible. In addition, they view themselves as part of a “greater good” and want to make the workplace, the community and the world a better place. This group tends to be task driven as opposed to 8-5 oriented when working, and view the balance between work and life as essential component of any position. Thus flexible work schedules or flex time in an employer are more attractive than a structured work schedule. It is obvious that not all of these traits mesh well with our traditional sense of the workplace. However, this generation is a big part of our workplace and, yes, they were most likely the kids that got a trophy or a ribbon for pretty much everything.

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