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Syngenta Enogen Feed Corn Silage Containing an Alpha Amylase Expression Trait Improves Feed Efficiency in Growing Calf Diets

Objective: To determine the growing calf response when fed Enogen Feed corn silage containing an alpha amylase expression trait.

 Study Description: Crossbred steers of Tennessee origin (n = 352) were used to determine the effects on performance when fed Enogen Feed corn silage with either Enogen Feed corn or control corn at ad libitum intake.



The Bottom Line: When fed in an ad libitum fashion to growing calves, Enogen Feed corn silage improves the efficiency of feed conversion by 4.4% and average daily gain by 6.0%.

View full research report by authors M. A. Johnson, T. Spore, S. P. Montgomery, W. R. Hollenbeck, R. N. Wahl,   E. D. Watson, and D. A. Blasi at




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