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Smartamine M Supplementation Reduces Inflammation but Does Not Affect Performance in Receiving Beef Heifers

Objective: This study was conducted to evaluate the ability of supplemental methio­nine to improve health, inflammation status, and performance of receiving cattle.

Study Description: A group of 384 crossbred heifers (initial weight 489 lb) of Tennessee origin were used in a 45-day receiving trial with limit-feeding to evalu­ate the effects of supplemental methionine (Smartamine M; Adisseo, Alpharetta, GA) on health, inflammation, and performance. Cattle received either 0 (control) or 10 grams/day Smartamine M, a ruminally protected methionine product. Plasma haptoglobin levels measured on days 0, 14, and 45 were used as a biomarker of inflam­mation.

Results: No differences in average daily gain (P ≥ 0.52) or gain-to-feed ratio (P ≥ 0.28) were observed for this trial. For plasma haptoglobin (Figure 1), interaction between dietary treatment and linear effect of day was observed (P = 0.05).

Figure 1. Effect of Smartamine M supplementation on plasma haptoglobin over time. Treatment × linear day interaction, P = 0.05, standard error of the mean = 0.22.

The Bottom Line: Supplemental methionine supplied by Smartamine M does not improve performance but reduces inflammation and possibly improves immune func­tion in receiving heifers.

View full research report by authors M.S. Grant, H.F. Speer, W.R. Hollenbeck, R.N. Wahl, N.D. Luchini,1 D.A. Blasi, and E.C. Titgemeyer at

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