Butler County 4-H News

Parliamentary Basics

Did you know that Parliamentary procedure is an orderly way to conduct a meeting, a fair way to make a group discussion, respects everyone, gives everyone a chance to speak, used in groups everywhere, and majority rules while minorities are protected..

The proper way to make a motion is to say “I move..”. The proper way to second a motion is to say “I second the motion.”

If you want to amend (change) a motion you should say “I move to amend the motion by….”

A motion to adjourn the meeting is done so by stating “I move to adjourn this meeting.” A motion to adjourn needs a second, no discussion needed, and must be voted on right away!

Did you know there are over 30 different types of motions! These are some simple ones and the majority of the ones that you will utilize in your 4-H Club meeting.

Remember, STAND UP when you are speaking and only person speaks at a time!