Butler County 4-H News

4-H Achievement Celebration Winners


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 4-H Achievement Celebration! Tresa Garcia worked hard to plan and coordinate the food and the slide show presentation. The Achievement Celebration Committee put in a lot of time and effort to help prepare the food and decorate for the program. We are fortunate to have the help and support of the Honor Camp to help set-up and tear down the tables and chairs. To each and everyone who helped see the Achievement Celebration through—THANK YOU!

Congratulations to everyone who turned in Kansas Award Portfolios, Pin Applications, and Special Awards. Also a shout out to those clubs receiving club seals and our graduating seniors. The award winners are as follows:

KAP  Champions: Intermediate
Jeffrey Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Foods & Nutrition
Jeffrey Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Reading
Jeffrey Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Visual Arts
Trena Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Plant Science
Trevor Johnson – Lily Lake – Citizenship
Cally Miller – Cassoday Boosters – Beef
Cally Miller – Cassoday Boosters – Meat Goat
Jett Schmidt – Hickory Helpers – Photography

KAP  Blue Awards: Intermediate
Jared Allen – Towanda Rustlers – Woodworking
Jeffrey Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Fiber Arts
Trena Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Clothing & Textiles
Trena Garcia – Cassoday Boosters – Foods & Nutrition
Lucy Haller – Benton Busy Bees – Foods & Nutrtion
Erin Johnson – Benton Busy Bees – Rabbits
Julia Perez – Hickory Helpers – Foods & Nutrition
Austin Taylor – Lily Lake – Photography
Shelby Varner – Towanda Rustlers – Dairy Goat

KAP  Champions: Senior
Jake Allen – Towanda Rustlers – Rocketry
Danielle Chilcott – Hickory Helpers – Foods & Nutrition
Danielle Chilcott – Hickory Helpers – Leadership
Danielle Chilcott – Hickory Helpers – Swine

KAP  Blue Awards: Intermediate
Morgan Claassen – Benton Busy Bees – Beef
Erron Eisenbarth- Cassoday Boosters – Horse
2015 Special Award Winners

Service to 4-H Award & Community –  Danielle Chilcott & Erron Eisenbarth
Dr. Johnson Outstanding 4-Her  –   Danielle Chilcott
Kiwanis 4-H Junior Leader  –  Timothy Johnson
“I Dare You” Award   –  Elizabeth Johnson & Brandy Rigg
E.W. Nath Scholarship   –  Erron Eisenbarth & Sierra Tireman
BCC Scholarship  –  Amanda Becker