Butler County 4-H News

4-H Camp

June 4th – 7th (counselors go up on the 3rd)

1) Rookie Campers—There will be 2 rookie camps this year during regular camp! You will have the option to attend either June 4 & 5 or June 6 & 7. Please note, a rookie camper CANNOT attend both rookie camps! Prices for rookie camp looks to stay around $100.

summer camp 3

2) Regular Campers—Be watching for registration information. There are some exciting new activities! Additionally, steps have been taken to improve safety and security as well. We are still waiting on the final prices. Increases this year were due to new activities and other changes at Rock Springs. These increases are not due to changes the Oz-Some Camp Group has made. The Kansas 4-H Foundation has came up with a scholarship of $20 per camper/counselor to help off set some of that expense for this year. At this time, it looks like camp prices are going to be around $198.

3) Counselors—Counselors are needed, males and females for rookie and regular campers! If you are in 8th grade, consider being a 4-H Camp Counselor! We need you! Great news for the Rookie Counselors – you will have the option to stay for the full camp! If you are interested but have questions, give Charlene a call. Counselor applications will be out by the end of January!

Summer camp 2

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