Butler County 4-H News

Fair Reflection

Work hard

The 2016 Butler County Fair has ended. I hope that everyone is recouped from the heat and exhaustion and ready to set sail into the 2016-2017 school year!

When reflecting back on this year’s Fair, many thoughts surface! There were certainly some “hiccups”, but those come with just about anything we do. I prefer to call them opportunities for improvement or stepping stones. Maybe it’s double checking our paperwork, rules or our enrollments. Maybe it’s readjusting or revisiting our feeding program for our livestock to make sure they are at the right weight/spot/condition for fair. Maybe it’s adjusting our livestock selection techniques to achieve the goal we set out to achieve. Maybe it’s making sure there is a family member, friend or neighbor who can help your child out when you’re busy. What ever it is that may have took a smile off your face or resulted in your head hanging a little low, ask yourself “What can I do to make it better next time?”

Despite these, there are many smile worthy moments that occurred at Fair! Set-Up on Friday the 29th and clean up on the 4th went very well! The volunteers who helped out and created positive learning moments were incredible! I really enjoyed watching the those volunteers who uplifted the 4-H’ers, mentored and did what they could to help others out. To you all, I say THANK YOU!

I also witnessed many 4-H’ers, from younger to older, helping out their fellow friends and 4-H’ers. Whether it was helping carry items in the buildings or helping them with animals, it was wonderful to see so many helping each other out. Laughter could be heard throughout fair and smiles could be seen no matter where you looked.

The FairBoard also deserves a THANK YOU! The fair would not happen without them. They are the ones that coordinate, organize and make the decisions of the Fair; not the Extension Office staff nor the agents. The Extension Office staff and agents are there to assist and provide support. The FairBoard works year round to try and put on the best fair for all of you. If you happen to see them around, extend them a Thank You for their time, dedication and hard work.

As you and your family take a moment to reflect back on the year, please take time to thank those that have helped and supported you along the way; before, during and after fair. Friends, family and volunteers all make the 4-H program successful. The program wouldn’t happen without each and everyone of you! THANK YOU!