Butler County 4-H News

Fair Thank You’s

Fair is over and the dust has settled. The Fair takes a plethora of volunteers and support from buyers to make it successful. Have you sent your Thank You notes? Do you know who to send Thank You notes too? Here is a list of suggestions that we strongly encourage you to write a note of Thanks. Without the support of these individuals, the Fair would not be as successful as it is:


  • Food Buyers (we will have a list available of those who purchased food. Even if you don’t know who bought your food – you are encouraged to pick out 4 or 5 random names and write notes of Thanks. DID YOU KNOW – the food auction helps support scholarships for you to attend 4-H Camp, other activities and other 4-H Scholarships.
  • Livestock Buyers – You are required to get the buyers signature on a card if you wish to participate in next year’s event. How many of you went out into the crowd, found the buyer of your animal and said THANK YOU immediately following your animal exiting the sale ring and/or even offered to get them a drink? Our buyers are our heart and souls. Without them, the premiums won’t be there. Did you have an add-on when you picked up your buyer’s card? If so, you need to write a Thank You to them as well. If you need addresses, please contact our office – we can help you out
  • Superintendent’s – I encourage you to write a Thank You note to the Superintendent’s of the Division’s your child participated in. Need their address…call our office. Volunteers are a critical aspect of the Butler County Fair.
  • Fair Board and Executive Committee – These are the shakers and doers of the Fair. Without them, well, we wouldn’t have a Fair. Let me tell you, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes getting everything ready for the Fair, A LOT.
  • Jacob Cooper for donating and maintaining the new signs for the Champion and Reserve Champion Livestock projects.
  • The Extension Office staff – these individuals work year round to help the 4-Her’s out.
  • Auctioneers – Our auctioneers at the Fair do a fabulous job getting the most they can for the youth and the projects. We need to let them know our Thanks!
  • Judges – Why not write a letter to the judge and thank them for helping out, even if you aren’t happy about your placing! Without judges, we wouldn’t have a Fair!
  • Project Leaders and Community Leaders – need I say more?
  • Butler County Board of County Commissioners – they support our program. We need to let them know just how much we appreciate their support.