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2017 Citizenship Washington Focus

The following is from the Kansas 4-H Office. Please note that youth must be   15-18 years of age:

As we start our planning for the 2017 Citizenship Washington Focus trip, we have found us short 4 individuals to make our break even number for this trip. We currently have 33 young people signed up to attend and 3 chaperones. We need a minimum of 40 in order to make this trip go. At this time we have extended the deadline to January 25, 2017. We have also decided to open this trip up to adults. Youth will have first preference if they would like to go, adults will then be given preference in order that they have signed up. Please note:

* All adults attending must be volunteer registered
* Adults attending will have chaperone duties while they are in Washington D.C. and on the trip to and from.
* The dress code for the youth, will also apply to all adults attending
* Adults will be expected to pay the full cost to attend Citizenship Washington Focus ($1,850)
* Set a good example to all youth in attendance

The cost to attend is $1,850. To sign up to go on the trip, please register by going to www.kansas4-H.org and click on the green button on the right hand side of the page, “Register for 4-H Events” and then click on Citizenship Washington Focus. Please fill out the application as if you were attending as a chaperone and the cost will be adjusted after we are able to confirm everything.

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