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4-H Day


County 4-H Day will be here SOON! Volunteers are needed at 7:00 a.m. on February 13th to help set up at Butler Community College. We could also use a couple adult volunteers to help in the judges room with tabulation of results. If you are interested, please contact Charlene.

Remember to check the schedule and let the Extension Office know of any cancellations by Noon on Friday, February 12th. The schedule is located here: http://www.butler.k-state.edu/4-h/4hday.html

Good luck to everyone participating and Thank You in advance for those volunteering and helping out!

Summer Camps

summer camp 3

WANTED:   4-H Camp Counselors

If you are currently a 9th grader or older…we need YOU! Camp Counselors are 9th through 12th graders. Camp counselors will go to Rock Springs on June 3rd and camp will take place June 4th – 7th. Counselor applications are DUE April 8th. Interviews will take place on Thursday, April 14th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Applications can be found online at www.butler.ksu.edu in the 4-H Youth section under 4-H Camp.

Female and Male Assistants for 4-H Camp—We are in need of a male and female chaperone to go to 4-H Camp and help out! 4-H Camp is June 4-7. You will need to be VIP trained. If you are interested in going, please contact Charlene.

Rookie Campers: If you are in 1st or 2nd grade we have just the camp for you!! This year, Oz-Some Rookie Camp is offering 2 Rookie sessions. Rookies can only attend one camp, however, they have the option to attend either one of the sessions. It is filled on a first come first-serve basis between all the counties that attend in the Oz-Some Camp Group. Stay tuned for registration details.

Regular Campers: Are you ready for FOUR action packed days? Stay tuned for sign-up and Save the Dates for June 4 – 7!!



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Discovery Days 2016 will be held May 31 – June 3 at Kansas State University in Manhattan. This opportunity is open to youth who are 13 to 19 years old. Youth will participate in workshops, service activities, dance, ice cream, a keynote speaker, and free time to enjoy the beautiful K-State Campus. Look for more information to come but you won’t want to miss this opportunity!



Youth Pork Quality Assurance

suziecoloredAge Groups (as of January 1, 2016)

Beginners: age 8 – 11 yrs old – MUST attend PQA training each year to certify

Intermediate: age 12 – 14 yrs old – can attend each year or by passing a PQA exam (test out for Intermediate)

Advanced: age 15 – 18 yrs old – can attend each year or by passing a PQA exam (test out for Advanced)

¨ 7 year olds, as of May 1, 2016, with siblings can use the siblings PQA number.

¨ 7 year olds, as of May 1, 2016, without siblings must have a parent attend an Adult PQA training. Adult PQA training will be scheduled at a later time.

¨ 7 year olds are encouraged to attend a meeting.


Two meeting/testing dates are being offered.

1) Tuesday, April 12th @ 7:00 pm.

2) Thursday April 21st @ 7:00 p.m.

REMEMBER—If you are enrolled in the swine project, you are required to take a Youth Pork Quality Assurance class (unless you are old enough and test out).


Youth Livestock

SIGN-UP for County Livestock Emails—David Kehler, Ag Agent, has created a distribution list of leaders and others who like to receive emails of  4-H Livestock information and updates. If you would like to be included, please email David at dkehler@ksu.edu. Type YOUTH LIVESTOCK in the subject line, include your email address and which list you would like to be added to (Beef-includes bucket calf, sheep, swine, and meat goats).


Information and forms on the Internet

Remember, you can go to our Butler County Extension Website to get any county or state livestock forms for information. Go to: www.butler.ksu.edu and click on the “4-H & Youth” link on the left side and then on “livestock information” for the selections. In addition to Butler County information, there is a link to the state site. You can get information on state nominations, state events, etc.

Another good sight with lots of information on dates and events is: www.youthlivestock.ksu.edu



Important Dates

ScreenShot002February 19—Entries for Regional 4-H Day Due to Extension Office

March 5th – Junior Beef Producer Day at Kansas State University in Manhattan

March 11—Spring Beef Set-up 4:30pm– 6pm

March 12—Market Beef (Steers & Heifers) Weigh-In 9am—11:30am

March 12—Regional 4-H Day

March 19 – Junior Sheep Producer Day at Kansas State University in Manhattan

April 7—4-H Council

April 12th – Youth PQA Training, 4-H Building at 7:00 p.m.

April 19th – Foods Judges Workshop, 4-H Building at 7:00 p.m.

April 21 – Youth PQA Training (last opportunity), 7:00 p.m. at 4-H Building

April 29—Meat Goat and Market Sheep Tagging 4:30 pm-6:00 pm

April 30—Meat Goat and Market Sheep Tagging 8:30 am—9:30 am

May 1—Market Beef nominations due

May 1—Horse ID papers Due

May 1—Dairy ID papers Due

May 24 – Mini-Fair

May 31-June 3—Discovery Days

June 3 – 4-H Camp Counselors go to 4-H Camp

June 4-7—4-H Camp

June 8-11 –  K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy Session 1

June 11—Spring Horse Show

June 15 – Commercial Heifer, Swine, Sheep, & Meat Goat Nominations Due

June 29-July 2 –  K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy Session 2

July 16—Fair Horse Show

July 23—Fair Fashion Review

July 29-August 4—County Fair




Leader’s Lounge


Calling all Community Leader’s!

Can you believe we are almost half way through the 4-H Year! We are in the 5th month and your clubs should be going strong!


_____4-H Forecaster for important dates

_____Review information with your club



_____Plan to have a fun spring!

_____Check in with project leaders to ensure they are on task and holding meetings

_____Review the pin apps as soon as they come out the end of the month

_____Let everyone know that the Intermediate aged youth will use the same KAP as the Senior aged youth.

_____Make sure everyone is enrolled in 4-H. Remember May 1 is the last day to add (non-market livestock)/drop projects!

_____Check club mail-box at Extension Office

_____Work on Fair projects

_____Make sure 4-H Council report is given to the club



_____4-H Discovery Days May 31 – June 3rd

_____4-H Camp June 4-7

_____4-H Camp Counselors needed for 4-H Camp (go up on June 3rd)



_____Set-up for Spring Beef Weigh-in is March 11th from 4:30pm-6:00pm .

_____Spring Beef Weigh-in is Sat. March 12th from 9am-10:30 am.

_____Regional 4-H Day will be held on March 13th at Butler Community College

_____Horse ID Papers Due May 1

_____Community Club Leader Meeting February 18th at 6:00 p.m. in the Extension Office

_____Mandatory Tagging Meeting for Your livestock project leaders that will be tagging livestock – March 24th at 7:00 p.m.


Shooting Sports Information

hunter girl (c) Melonheadz Illustrating LLC 2014 colored

Shotgun Project: A weekend shotgun course is scheduled for Saturday, April 2. Minimum age for participation is set at 12 years, but if you are less than 12, but are large enough to handle your shotgun, you can still participate by getting prior approval from the lead instructors, Bruce McCune (775-0801) or Rocky Kasper (734-9323). Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, March 30, using one of the shooting sports enrollment forms in the shooting sports flyer, available at the Extension Office or online at the Butler County Extension website, www.butler.ksu.edu.

The course will start at 9:00 am on Saturday morning, April 2, and will end around 3:00 pm. Do not show up without being pre-registered. The course is being held at Michael Murphy and Sons Sporting Clays range, 6400 SW Hunter Road. Ammunition, targets and range fees are provided. Bring your own lunch and beverage. Coolers will be provided. Bring your own shotgun if you have one. Preferred choke is improved cylinder or more open. 410’s are not suitable for beginner instruction.

If you have any questions, please call Gene Maggard at 316-742-3746 or email at gandpmaggard@gmail.com.