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Internship programs designed for the interns

As the summer months approach, interns begin their journeys with companies looking to develop their skills and utilize their fresh perspectives. As supervisors onboarding temporary, part-time help, the struggle can be managing their expectations, goals and the project workload of the company.

If you’re new to an intern supervisory role or even if you’re an experienced pro, we’ve put together a few pointers and comments from interns to help you make the most of your program.

Read comments from interns currently enrolled in LEAD 399.

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K-State WINS, the Wildcat Internship Survey initiative

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Internships are growing in their importance as a high-impact educational practice for college students and as an outcome indicator of industry partnerships. Although the need for internship outcome data is cited in multiple K-State 2025 plans, there has been no central assessment process to document when, where and with whom students are completing credit-bearing and co-curricular internships.

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