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K-State Career Center: Student Edition

Career Center mock interview helps student land job

Connor Shelton, senior in Kinesiology, shares how the Career Center’s guidance helped him land a job with Cerner Corporation.

“I decided to reach out to the Career Center because I knew I needed to prepare as much as possible to try and obtain a job before graduation,” Shelton said.

Shelton heard about a lot of students who struggled to get a job right after college and wanted to take full advantage of the services K-State offers.

Shelton came to the Career Center two weeks prior to his interview to meet with his college’s liaison, Dana Nordyke.

“She gave me many details about interviews right down to the handshake and proper eye contact,” Shelton said.

Nordyke was able to tailor specific interview questions to the job to which he was applying.

“The interview was almost exactly as the practice because of the specific type of interview questions we were practicing,” Shelton said.

He received the position of Consultant Analyst for the Cerner Corporation.

Shelton says the job market is hard and he encourages fellow students not to wait until graduation to try and look for a job.

“Making contacts at the career fair and with my fellow students in my classes made landing the job at Cerner possible,” Shelton said.

Shelton believes students should be taking advantage of the tools and services the Career Center provides.

The Career Center has eight college liaisons and offers a variety of services to help students. Services offered include, but are not limited to: major and career exploration, résumé and cover letter critiques, mock interviews, a résumé and interview guide and online resources for the job search.

“Being more prepared than your competition for the job you want is how you become successful,” Shelton said. “Give yourself the skills and learn how to interview.”

For more information or to make an appointment, visit the Career Center website.

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