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K-State Career Center: Student Edition

Three tips for starting your career journey

Are you looking for a summer internship? Haven’t received a job offer yet? There are still opportunities for you. Many companies will be coming to spring career events to recruit K-State students!

But first, there is some preparation essential to a successful career fair experience. Winter break can be a valuable time to start preparing.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Make your list

Think through your long and short term career goals. Are there companies you aspire to work for? Individuals you admire for their career journey and expertise? What traits draw you to these companies or industry professionals?

In a recent presentation to career specialists and employers, Joyce Layman, a national speaker, author and connector, mentioned the importance of writing out your Top 10.

Once you have your list, do some research about the companies and individuals to find values and organizational information.

Tip 2: Build your brand

When you Google yourself, what do you find? Do you have a presence on LinkedIn?

With over 400 million users, LinkedIn isn’t just a place for working professionals, it’s a network for aspiring up-and-comers. With LinkedIn Learning tutorials, industry specific groups and innumerable alumni connections, use it as your tool to learn, connect and ask the questions you have about entering the field.

When you apply for jobs and internships, many recruiters and hiring managers will Google candidates or view their online profiles. Use a few hours of your holiday break to clean up anything that you wouldn’t want someone to see or make your professional profile stand out with projects, an individualized summary and keyword-driven tagline.

Source; Stern, Joanna. “Ignoring LinkedIn Is Hurting Your Career.”The Wall Street Journal.

Tip 3: Take action

  • Explore careers related to your major with “What can I do with a major in…”
  • Update your résumé
  • Create and manage your LinkedIn account — Connect with K-State alumni
  • Do a job shadow — find a company in your area to visit and learn what a typical day or week might be like
  • Find internships or jobs you want to apply for
  • Polish your self-introduction
  • Stay informed on current events and business trends
  • Meet with your Career Center advisor or peer career specialist to explore options, edit your application materials or begin the job search process

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