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Watch your mailboxes: The next issue of Good for K-State is on the way
Your spring 2017 Good for K-State Magazine is on the way. This issue focuses on how K-Staters go above and beyond to make K-State an ext (More)
Looking back: Spring 2017 Trustees Meeting
Thank you to all trustees who attended our spring meeting in April! There were so many highlights to this remarkable day, incl (More)
Save the date: Fall 2017 Board of Trustees meeting
Get ready for our fall Board of Trustees meeting, scheduled for September 29, 2017, in Manhattan. We’re working hard to put together an exceptional sh (More)
Quick career reads for your poolside days
We often look forward to summer, a time when we have very few obligations and a lot of free time. However, summer can be a great time to do some professional development without the distraction of school and work. Whether you're sitting by the poo (More)
Hot tips for summer professional attire
When the summer heat hits, it can be difficult to find professional clothing that's work appropriate. Students may struggle to find a wardrobe that can combat the heat, but still maintain a professional appearance. Know Your Industry Dress code (More)
Interesting reads for today's recruiter
For some, summertime can mean a lull in recruitment and expendable hours for sunshine, seaside vacations and a little catching up on intellectual finds. Whether you're sitting by the pool or on your lunch break, these summer reads are a great way to (More)
Making the most of your summer abroad
Traveling abroad during summer break is an exciting opportunity to visit new places, try exotic foods and see unique things. It can also be an excellent chance to expand your experiences in a way that can positively affect your career journey. < (More)
5 ways to be an awesome intern
Interning can be an awesome way to gain real-world experience in your field and to add to your resume. Getting the most out of your internship is an important step in the career readiness process. Here are a couple ways you can excel in your inte (More)
New Career Center Account platform coming fall 2017
The Career Center is excited to announce a shift in job search technology coming to K-State for the 2017-2018 school year. Over the last semester, the Career Center team worked diligently to conduct an extensive review and comparison of career (More)
Internship programs designed for the interns
As the summer months approach, interns begin their journeys with companies looking to develop their skills and utilize their fresh perspectives. As supervisors onboarding temporary, part-time help, the struggle can be managing their expectations, goa (More)
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