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Deep Fried Tradition
Have you been craving a raisin fritter? According to the Goessel Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum, raisin fritters or Porzelke, were a traditional Mennonite treat made especially for New Year's Day. The term Porzelke means "tumbling over"; (More)
National 4-H Week #TrueLeaders
Nearly six million young people across the country will be celebrating National 4-H Week, which takes place annually during the first full week of Oct (More)
4-H Sews a Wedding Dress
4-H programs date back to 1902, when they first got their start in rural America. 4-H now has a presence all 50 states and over 80 (More)
Teen Leadership Groups
What is your definition of a leader? Harvey County 4-H gives youth a unique opportunity to discover what leadership means to them. Youth ages 13-18 have th (More)
Investing in the Future of Kansas 4-H: The Kansas 4-H Program Fee
For more than 100 years, Kansas 4-H has been committed to providing positive youth development educational experiences to young people across Kans (More)
September 2017 Newsletter
The 4-H September newsletter is out! Please make sure to read it. It is full of very important information and deadlines! We also have information about Pin and Scholarship Applications and how YOU can get involved! Find it here: More)
Experience Kansas 4-H at the State Fair
The Kansas State Fair runs September 8th through the 17th. With so many different exhibits, shows and food items, the State Fair is sure to have (More)
The "4-H New Year"
The county fair is always a great showcase of our 4-H program. It is the “grand finale” of a busy summer full of 4-H activities. Through the exhibits and shows at the fair, the public is able to get a glimpse of the learning and hard work that our 4- (More)
Fidget Spinners: Friend or Foe
Summer has come to an end and school is back in session. The stores are lined with the usual bins of glue sticks and markers, but you may notice another item on the school supply shelves this year; fidget spinners. Over the past six months, fidget s (More)
End of the 2017 Harvey County Fair
The 2017 Harvey County Fair has come to an end. As an Extension Agent, the fair brings months of planning and organizing for the five-day event. Saturday is one of the busiest days of the fair. The majority of 4-H and Open class exhibits are check (More)
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