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4-H Achievement Night
The 84th annual 4-H Achievement Banquet was recently held at Salem United Methodist Church in Newton to honor Harvey County 4-H members, volunteer (More)
Often times during the rush of summer and the county fair people tell me, “It will slow down after this!”. I usually smile and nod, knowing that the 4-H program only seems to get even more busy as the fall season begins. State fair, enrollment, award (More)
4-H Junior Leaders
What is your definition of a leader? Harvey County 4-H gives youth a unique opportunity to discover what leadership means to them. Youth ages 13-18 have the opportunity to be a part of a teen leadership group in Harvey County, 4-H Junior Leaders. (More)
4-H Shooting Sports
The Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports Program is a part of the 4-H Natural Resources area that focuses on using shooting sports as an approach for teaching life skills to participating youth members. This youth program is founded upon the National 4-H Shoot (More)
New 4-H Family Orientation Meeting
  Thinking of joining 4-H? Have a few questions about the program? Interested families are invited to attend the 4-H Family Orientation Meeting to meet (More)
4-H Enrollment Day
Next Saturday, October 28th, the Harvey County 4-H program will host the 4-H Enrollment Day event from 9 AM to Noon (More)
Kansas 4-H Dog Conference
This past summer, my husband and I went on vacation to Kentucky. We decided to try to take our dog, Brie with us. We had never traveled very far with our dog, so we made sure to do some extra planning to find dog friendly camp grounds and even restau (More)
Deep Fried Tradition
Have you been craving a raisin fritter? According to the Goessel Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum, raisin fritters or Porzelke, were a traditional Mennonite treat made especially for New Year's Day. The term Porzelke means "tumbling over"; (More)
National 4-H Week #TrueLeaders
Nearly six million young people across the country will be celebrating National 4-H Week, which takes place annually during the first full week of Oct (More)
4-H Sews a Wedding Dress
4-H programs date back to 1902, when they first got their start in rural America. 4-H now has a presence all 50 states and over 80 (More)
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