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Weed Control Strategies in Grain Sorghum
  Severe grass and broadleaf weed pressure will reduce grain sorghum yields and can make harvest very difficult. Good crop rotation and herbicide selection are essential components of managing weeds in grain sorghum. In a wheat-sorghum-fallo (More)
Double Crop Pig Weed Control
Getting good control of Palmer amaranth and common waterhemp in Kansas has become more of a challenge in recent years. Many populations are now resistant to either glyphosate, triazine, ALS-inhibitor herbicides, HPPD-inhibitor herbicides, PPO-inhibit (More)
Soil Compaction
Conducting field work includes planting, tillage, or traffic in general. After wet weather, it can cause soil compaction, and in particular sidewall compaction in the seed furrow. The worst cases of sidewall compaction are seen after a field has been (More)
2017 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School Speaker Schedule
The 2017 In-Depth Kansas State Diagnostic Wheat School, will occur in the Experiment Field in Hutchinson on May 10-11. This will help you in depth in all aspects of weed control, soil fertility, disease management, insects and summer cover crops. (More)
Wheat Freeze Update
Temperatures over the weekend of April 22-23 dropped below freezing and into the lower 30’s for most of the state. In a few specific locations in southwest Kansas, temperatures were in the upper 20’s in the early morning of April 23, and were well be (More)
Current Wheat Conditions
The wheat crop continues to develop at a fast pace across the state. The most advanced fields in far southeast corner of the state are between boot and flowering, and the majority of the region is already at or past flag leaf emergence. Parts of sout (More)
Wheat Rust Update
A close-up picture of stripe rust. (Texas A&M AgriLife Exte (More)
Wheat Varieties in Kansas
Everest remains the most widely planted individual wheat variety in Kansas, according to the latest Kansas Wheat Varieties report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Everest is a K-State variety, developed by the Manhattan breed (More)
Harvey County Spring Beef Show Results
Harvey County 4-H Spring Beef Show was held March 23 at the 4H Fairgrounds.   We had a great turn out with 4-H'ers and FFA members from 14 counties and over a hundred head of cattle.   I have listed the placings for Harvey County 4-H'ers. More)
Small Predator Control
Small predator control can be a big deal for people that raise small farm animals like poultry, goats, and sheep.  Predators like coyotes and bob cats can cause a lot of dollars in damage very quickly if they are not held in check. The two best ways (More)
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