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Current Wheat Conditions
The wheat crop continues to develop at a fast pace across the state. The most advanced fields in far southeast corner of the state are between boot and flowering, and the majority of the region is already at or past flag leaf emergence. Parts of sout (More)
Wheat Rust Update
A close-up picture of stripe rust. (Texas A&M AgriLife Exte (More)
Wheat Varieties in Kansas
Everest remains the most widely planted individual wheat variety in Kansas, according to the latest Kansas Wheat Varieties report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Everest is a K-State variety, developed by the Manhattan breed (More)
Harvey County Spring Beef Show Results
Harvey County 4-H Spring Beef Show was held March 23 at the 4H Fairgrounds.   We had a great turn out with 4-H'ers and FFA members from 14 counties and over a hundred head of cattle.   I have listed the placings for Harvey County 4-H'ers. More)
Small Predator Control
Small predator control can be a big deal for people that raise small farm animals like poultry, goats, and sheep.  Predators like coyotes and bob cats can cause a lot of dollars in damage very quickly if they are not held in check. The two best ways (More)
Spring Bull Sales
It is that time of year again. It is time to replenish your breeding bulls. Selecting good bulls can really pay dividends with the prices of the ca (More)
Prescribed Burn Meeting
Studies by K-State Research and Extension have shown that fire can be a major management tool for native grasslands, native hay meadows, and in establishing new native grass stands. It can recycle nutrients tied up in old plant growth, stimulate till (More)
Sugarcane Aphid Resistance Sorghum Hybrids
  A number of sorghum hybrids have now been identified which express variable, but quite significant, levels of resistance to sugarcane aphids (SCA). Table 1. Hybrids with resistance to sugarcane aphid. Alta - AG1201; AG1301; AG1203 (More)
Kansas Wildfire Awareness Week
  Kansas State University, K-State Research and Extension, and Kansas Forest Service are all represented on the Kansas Interagency Wildfire Council (KIWC). KIWC consists of federal and state agencies whom focus on wildfires, their impacts, an (More)

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