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Controlling Marestail in Soybean Stubble
The most effective marestail control program should start with fall treatments, especially in fields with a history of marestail problems or (More)
Factors That Influence Hessian Fly Fall Infestations
Which wheat fields are most likely to be infested with Hessian fly in the fall? It depends on residue management, variety, planting date, the presence (More)
August Weather Update
The preliminary data shows that August tied for the 7th coolest on record. The statewide average temperature was 72.7 of, which was matched in August of 2004. All divisions were cooler than normal with departures ranging from -3.6 oF in the Northwest (More)
Control of Woody Plants on Range Land
Late summer and fall can be an excellent time to treat unwanted stands of woody plants. Scattered stands of individual trees should either be treated individually using the basal bark method (for labeled plants less than 4-6 inches in diameter) or th (More)
On the Lookout for Corn, Milo and Soybean Insect Damage
I helped with the Harvey County tillage survey this week and saw evidence of insect damage across the county. Be on the lookout for corn earworms (often called sorghum headworms/soybean podworms etc., depending upon the crop infested) are causing si (More)
Fall Alfalfa Planting
Alfalfa is often considered as the “Queen of Forages” because it produces high yields that are highly digestible and high in protein. Alfalfa is a very important leguminous crop for dairy and other livestock industry in Kansas. Late summer and early (More)
Terraces Evaluations
Coming into spring is a good time to evaluate and perform maintenance on terraces if fields are in wheat stubble, especially since it has been dry lately this year. In Kansas, over 9 million acres of land is protected by more than 290,000 miles of te (More)
Harvey County Free Fair
I encourage everyone to come out to the Harvey county fair this August 4-8. There will be things for the whole family to enjoy. The popular night attractions are the rodeo, carnival, bull blow out and demolition derby. On Friday August 4th, the 127th (More)
Mid-Summer Control of Volunteer Wheat
Where volunteer wheat has emerged, producers should consider beginning control measures soon, if possible, rather than waiting until closer to wheat planting time. This is especially important on fields where wheat was hailed out and volunteer wheat (More)
Row Crop Heat Stress
The heat experienced in Kansas recently can cause problems for all summer row crops. With corn, the latest Crop Progress and Conditions Report from USDA-NASS, July 10, 2017, shows that the crop has already reached more than 40% silking, except in the (More)
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