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National Ag Day
Agriculture is not just about farming and ranching. Some aspect of agriculture touches us every (More)
Kansas Agricultural Growth Summit
The Kansas Department of Agriculture is looking forward to hosting the fourth annual Kansas Agricultural Growth Summit on August 29, 2019. The Summit hosts Kansas farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses and invites them to work together in a collaborati (More)
2017 Census of Agriculture
The results of the USDA 2017 Census of Agriculture are now available. The data is available on national, state and county levels. Some key points nationally are: Average farm income is $43,053. Family owned farms and ranches make up 96% of al (More)—Telling the Story
Speaking with one voice is the mission of to speak for agriculture and farm production practices. This campaign is driven by Kansas wheat farmers to help consumers learn where their food comes from (More)
Night Time Temperatures Affect Corn Yields
High nighttime temperatures during the reproductive growth (at or after flowering) can reduce kernel number, and if later in the season, kernel weight. This effect can be explained as an increase in the rate of respiration, increasing the demand for (More)
Corn Leaf Diseases
While scouting your corn fields after these rains are sure to be on the lookout for leaf diseases. If you don’t catch the diseases in time in can hurt y (More)
Harvey County Fair Market Wheat Show
The Harvey County Fair Board, along with the Extension Ag. PDC will be conducting a county-wide Market Wheat Show at the 2018 Harvey County Fair.  Producer participation in this event is strictly voluntary.  If a producer wishes to enter, just inform (More)
Local Wheat Plot Tour
Everyone is invited to attend and learn about the latest news on wheat varieties in our area. This year we will have two plot tours on one day, (More)
Kansas State Fair Agriculture Challenge
Agriculture is an important piece of our past and a critical part of our future. According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, there are more than 60,000 farms in Kansas which generate more than $18.5 billion in Agriculture output. On average, K (More)
Harvey County Wheat Options
The dry conditions that have prevailed over much of Kansas since the fall of 2017 have left some wheat growers with relatively dim prospects for grain production for the summer 2018 harvest. An alternative use for that wheat is as a forage crop – sil (More)
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