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2018 K-State Corn Schools Slated for January
K-State Research and Extension is partnering with Kansas Corn to host three regional K-State Corn Production Management Schools to be held in January in (More)
Cold Temperatures with Late Developed Wheat
When you get a combination of low temperatures, dry soils and poorly developed wheat crops it creates a concern among farmers about the wheats chances of surviving the winter. Will the wheat survive the combination of those conditions? “Where whea (More)
Fall Application of Anhydrous
Soils in parts of Kansas are now cool enough to allow producers to apply anhydrous ammonia for their 2017 corn crop, and have been for the past couple weeks in northern Kansas. This practice has some appeal. For one thing, fall fertilizer application (More)
Controlling Mustard Weed in Wheat
Too often producers do not notice mustard weeds in their wheat fields until the mustards start to bloom in the spring. As a result, produc (More)
Sugarcane Aphid Resistance Sorghum Hybrids
  A number of sorghum hybrids have now been identified which express variable, but quite significant, levels of resistance to sugarcane aphids (SCA). Table 1. Hybrids with resistance to sugarcane aphid. Alta - AG1201; AG1301; AG1203 (More)
Post-Harvest Dirt Work
After harvest, many producers might head to the field for deep tillage such as ripping, or to make earthwork repairs around the farm. A few days before you want to start these activities, it’s worth a call to 811 for your safety and to prevent expens (More)
Winter Cattle Water
With winter weather slowly approaching we should not forget to make sure all of your cattle have excess to fresh drinking water. Even though with these cold temperatures it might not seem like they need to drink as much water as normal it is vitally (More)
Livestock Wind Blocks
Providing animals with ways to get out of the wind during cold temperatures during the winter will cut down not only your feed cost but will help minimize weight loss and decreasing milk production. Building wind rows is a very good way to do this an (More)
Fall Pasture and Hay Field Soil Test
 Soil testing can be done in either spring or fall on hay fields and pasture. Given a choice, fall would be the preferred time because it allows more time for any needed lime applications to have an effect before the main growing season begins, and i (More)
Fall Volunteer Wheat
 In Harvey County, recent rains have stimulated yet another flush of volunteer wheat. Volunteer wheat is known to be an important reservoir for wheat streak mosaic and wheat curl mites that spread this disease. Many growers are asking if this newly e (More)
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