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Resources after Pilots
Remember, there are numerous resources that you can use on campus even after your time as a Pilots student is over! Here are a few to keep in mind:  Academic Career and Information Center:  explore ma (More)
Farewell Marcus!
Big congratulations to our Sociology and Finance PA, Marcus Dobson, on accepting his first post-graduation job as the district leader for the Frito Lay branch of the Pepsi Cola Company!  As the district leader, Marcus will be in charge of the finance (More)
Photo Gallery
Bluemont Hall experienced a bit of a heat wave last month. Math PA, Sara (More)
Educators develop e-book about first gen students
  A new resource filled with insights about first-generation college students is available free to all educa (More)
College film on Underground Railroad premieres May 5
Long before the term Border War was co-opted by sports enthusiast, it defined a period in Kansas history during which abolitionists — including those in Wabaunsee County — fought for the s (More)
Innovative online program offers college graduates a pathway to teaching
K-State's new program offers scholarships for those pl (More)
School finance expert weighs in on Kansas school funding formulas
One of the nation’s leading authorities on school finance discusses the history of funding Kansas schools and the pros and cons of the current block grant formula during an interview for t (More)
Biden thanks college for Educate the Educator initiatives 
Dr. Jill Biden mets with Dean Mercer, future teachers and (More)
Film Screening: The Cats of Mirikitani (2006), with director Linda Hattendorf
May 5, 5:30 p.m., UMB Theater The recipient of numerous awards, including one from the Tribeca (More)
Classes & Workshops
The Museum hosts a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year for all ages! May 4, 2-3:30 p.m., More)
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