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Kansas Youth Leadership & Kansas Volunteer Forum
YOUTH The Kansas Youth Leadership Forum will be N (More)
Important News and Deadlines
August 18, Thursday - Third and Final Record Book Class - 6:00 p.m. September 8th,Thursday -- Bring small, non-breathing items to the More)
Shooting Sports News
Hunter Education – The next Hunter Ed Course will be held on Saturday, September 10.  This is an internet assisted course.  In order to take this course, you will first have to log on to the KDWPT website, locate the internet course, and complete the (More)
Bu Co 4-H Fair Food Auction
2016 Bu Co 4-H Fair Livestock Judging Team Results
My Campference Experience
When I first received the invitation to go to Campference I was not sure if I wanted to go. I was nervous because I would have to really step out of my comfort zone to go without knowing anyone.  But, I was pretty sure I would have a good time. When (More)
Successful Start: Some Basic Steps
You turn the key and unlock your classroom…for the first time ever. You’re stepping into a career you’ve been working toward for years. It’s amazing; it’s exciting; it’s…overwhelming. Students will be arriving in a few days, so how to you get your fi (More)
Just Ahead
You'll soon be into your second month as a teacher, and we'll help you get there! Here's a look at some of the topics for our next month's (More)
First Impressions: Put Your Best Foot Forward
We all know how important first impressions are, and that’s especially true with the beginning of your school year. We also know that poor first impressions often are difficult to undo. So it’s important that you have a strong beginning to your year. (More)
COE Update: A New Program
To give you a glimpse of what the College of Education has been up to since you received your dipl (More)
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