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…to Sandra Bolin, Custodial Specialist! the Seaton Hall Custodial Crew! (More)
On The Move!
Roger Schneider is On The Move!       Roger was promoted to Custodial Supervisor on July 3rd. He is working for Quentin Rawlins. Congratulations Roger! (More)
Welcome to Our Team!
Martron Winstead was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He will be working for Beverly Price. Mahogony Knox was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She will be working for Stephanie Brecheisen. Marcus Gallon was hired as a Custodia (More)
Happy Birthday!
Welcome to a New Career, New School Year
Welcome to your new school year! This is an amazing time, and we are excited to continue with you on this journey! For many of you, 2017-18 is your first school year as a teacher, and that makes this August just a little more significant than all (More)
In the Classroom...LOTS of Classrooms, Actually
It seems as though quite a few KSU College of Education graduates are staying right here in Manhattan! Here's a photo (More)
Join #WeAreEdCats Today!
Have you checked this out yet? We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your career! Check out #WeAreEdCats fo (More)
We want to hear from you!
Do you have a question about classroom procedures? Or a suggestion for a topic we should address in Before the Bell? Want to add your name to our mailing list? Or prov (More)
Quick Links to Learning
To save you some time, we've rounded up a few Internet links to help you be successful. They're quick reads but provide good, practical information for early-career teachers: More)
In Our Next Issue....
What an exciting time! Next month, we'll offer you some more tips for being successful. Plus we'll feature more of your COE colleagues out in the classroom. Be sure to (More)
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