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Thank you to everyone who volunteered with 4-H and Open Class events and activities during the Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Osborne and Smith County Fairs! Without your talents, passion and hard work the fairs would not have been successful. Please kno (More)
Open a Good Book while Beating the Heat!
As you find yourself indoors during the hottest hours of a summer day, pick up a book and enjoy active reading! Reading with a child or friend will keep both of your minds exploring new things and enhance relationships. As you dig into reading, check (More)
Master Gardner Program
Do you love to garden? If you are passionate about horticulture and giving back to our community, the Master Gardener Program is perfect for you. We are seeking passionate volunteers to engage our community with horticulture education all while devel (More)
The Science of Freezing Food
Freezing food is an easy way to preserve high quality food with maximum nutritional value. But food in the freezer doesn’t last forever as changes will oc (More)
Why do home canned green beans get cloudy liquid?
There are several reasons.  First, the beans may be too mature which makes them too starchy.  The starch settles out of the food during canning.  Second, minerals in hard water can give a cloudy appearance.  Third, using table salt instead of canning (More)
Chia Seeds in Jam
Photo: University of Arizona Extension Chia seeds are finding their way into may recipe (More)
What is Pearled Barley?
Barley is used in salads, soups or in place of rice. Pearled barley is commonly found in grocery stores. But what is pearled barley? When barley is polished, or “pearled”, it removes some or all of the bran layer as well as the barley hull. If it (More)
Can I add bacon to green beans before canning them?
This is an example of creating your own recipe can be a dangerous practice.  While bacon and green beans are both low-acid foods, there are no proces (More)
Mayonnaise Mix-ins!
Mayonnaise is a basic ingredient in most homes. Quick mix-ins of common ingredients add extra zing and variety to foods typically made with mayo. Try these m (More)
Advancing Awareness of Accident Prevention in the Home
Everyone knows that children act fast and the importance of keeping them safe in the home. Learn how to prevent accidents in the home, the availability of American Cleaning Institute's free educational materials as well as links to videos, infographi (More)
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