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Navigating the workplace with Jade Perry
On Nov. 1, the Career Center hosted guest speaker Jade Perry to elaborate on the "Unwritten Rules of the Workplace" as part of National Career Development Month. During her lecture at Kansas State, Perry delved into identity issues employees or jo (More)
Dedicating a landmark: Berney Family Welcome Center
In his opening remarks on Nov. 4, K-State President Richard B. Myers told of the emotions he felt walking into a structure conceived in the 1920's as a memorial to those who had served and lost their lives in World War I. "It's a solemn structure (More)
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
Mark your calendar: Spring 2017 Career Events
Career Center mock interview helps student land job
Connor Shelton, senior in Kinesiology, shares how the Career Center’s guidance helped him land a job with Cerner Corporation. “I decided to reach out to the Career Center because I knew I needed to prepare as much as possible to try and obtain a j (More)
K-State WINS, the Wildcat Internship Survey initiative
                  Internships are growing in their importance as a high-impact educational practice for college students and as an outcome indicator of industry partnerships. (More)
In the Classroom: Kacie Fredrickson
Kacie Fredrickson, front, is surrounded by some of (More)
Before you go....
Before you walk out your classroom door for a well-deserved winter break, spend a few extra minutes preparing for the new semester that will be here (More)
You're not alone: Visit #WeAreEdCats
Have you checked this out yet? Join the fun today! Dr. Tonnie Martinez and others are leading an effort to help beginning teachers like you (More)
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