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Focus on the “Stars” For your Holiday Cooking!
Ashley Svaty Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent Many favorite holiday entrees, sides, and desserts are fil (More)
O' Christmas Tree
If you decide to buy a fresh Christmas tree this holiday it is best to shop local. Don’t forget to recut the trunk and keep your tree in water for longevity and to prevent fire hazards. Follow this link to pick the perfect tree for your holiday se (More)
Transition Planning: 12 Steps to Keep the Family Farming
While many family-owned businesses have the long-term objective of “passing the business on to the next generation,” this is not an easy process. A great deal of planning, preparation, and communication is needed in order to accomplish the feat of mo (More)
Fall Apple Crisp
Makes 9 servings 7 cups cored, sliced apples (about 2 lbs. or 5 large apples) ⅓ cup 100% apple juice ½ cup whole wheat flour ¼ cup sugar ¼ cup packed light brown sugar ½ cup rolled oats 5 tablespoons soft tub margarine, cut int (More)
Plants are a Perfect Holiday Gift
Cassie HomanHorticulture Agent If you need a gift idea for friends or family, consider getting them an indoor plant. (More)
Walk Kansas 2018
Mark your calendars for K-State Research and Extension’s annual health initiative, Walk Kansas! This motivating, team based 8-week challenge will be held from March 18th- May 12th 2018.  More details will come, but there’s no better time than the pre (More)
Enough with the Blame Game
We’ve all dealt with a friend, child, family member, or co-worker who has a behavior or attitude that drives you crazy. Sometimes these behaviors and attitudes break policy or laws while other times they just bring negativity into the environment. Si (More)
Protecting Seedling from Deer
Deer can cause serious damage to newly planted seedlings and young trees. When they browse the buds, they reduce growth rates, nipping the tree at the base can create multiple stemmed trees, and bucks rubbing their antlers on stems can kill the tree (More)
Canning Previously Frozen Tomatoes
So you saved your tomato crop in the freezer. Can those frozen tomatoes be canned? It is not recommended to can tomatoes that froze on the vine. This is because the acid content changes too much making them unsafe for canning. But tomatoes harvest (More)
Webinar: The Impact of 4-H on Adolescent Thriving
This webinar is a follow-up to earlier presentations by Dr. Mary Arnold on a new model for the 4-H program. The model, which proposes that 4-H programs impact youth by increasing youth thriving, was pilot tested in 2017. The results of the pilot test (More)
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