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Creative Play Grant Opportunity for Organizations that Serve Military Children
Marlene received a call from KaBOOM! about a grant opportunity for Creative Play Products (Imagination Playground and Rigamajig).  She’s p (More)
Congratulations - Casey Mull - NAE4-HA President
Congratulations to Casey Mull, GA Extension 4-H Military Liaison, as he takes leadership as the 2018 President of NAE4-HA!! Best w (More)
2018 4-H Military Partnership Meeting - Hold the Dates!!
Mark your calendars for the 2018 4-H Military Partnership Meeting will be held the week of April 2-6, 2018, in San Antonio, TX. More details to come soon! Note: At the 2018 4-H Military Partnerships Meeting, we will be missing Navy CYP staff due t (More)
Congratulations to Beth Drescher - 2017 NAE4-HA 4-H Military Partnerships Award Recipient
The 4-H Military Partnerships honor an individual or team each year with the NAE4-HA 4-H Military Partnerships Award. The 2017 recipient was (More)
Navy Specialty STEAM Camps 2018
This is a reminder that letters of interest for the 2018 Navy Specialty STEAM camps are due January 5, 2018. Please see the email from November 15 from Marlene for details for submitting a letter of interest. Contact Marlene with any questions. (More)
Growing Together: PRKC 2017
Growing Together is the title of the More)
Why Competencies?
Service Your Pressure Gauge Tester
As canning season winds down, now is a good time for Extension offices to get their Presto Pressure Gauge tester serviced. This service is done at no cost to you by National Presto Industries as the purchase cost of the tester includes maintenance (More)
Kansas Healthy Food Initiative
In Kansas, did you know? More than 800,000 Kansans do not have access to healthy, affordable food a reasonable distance from their home. More tha (More)
Durum Wheat Going Soft
Artisan bread made with soft durum wheat Durum wheat has long been used for making p (More)
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