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African History To Be Offered At K-State
This Spring Dr. Orr will be offering a new graduate class, the department\'s first class on African History. The class is a graduate-level introduction to nineteenth-and (More)
Meet Jan Dreiling: Lawyer, Judge, Supporter of Women\'s Studies at KSU
Jan Dreiling talked to Women\'s Studies students about a career in law Janice (Jan) Parks D (More)
Letters Home from Students Abroad
Every year many of our undergraduate majors and minors study, live and work abroad as part of their K-State Experience. Read about the experien (More)
Spätzle und Spaziergänge: Camping with K-State\'s German Section
Unsere Hütte! (Our cabin!) April 26th – 27th marked the second annual G (More)
Introducing the Kirmser Language Center
Dean Peter Dorhout, Sheila Walker and Sandy Chastan at the dedication ceremony. (More)
“Initials” Student Research Forum
Every semester, the Department of Modern Languages hosts an undergraduate and graduate student research forum.  Inspired by the “Signatures” lecture series introducing faculty of Modern Languages and their research to the larger university commun (More)
The New French Club at K-State
The K-State French Club has undergone a significant reorganization in the last year, including a new name and mission. Now \"La Société Française\" (LSF), the student-lead organization strives to expose the population at K-State to francophone cu (More)
How do you like those apples?
Ashley Pruett holds a variety of Big Slice Apples flavors. A portion of all proceeds from the sna (More)
Bulk Solids Innovation Center project progressing, amasses $2.4 million in equipment donations
A groundbreaking for the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center will be at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, July 10, in the 600 block o (More)
Harding wins K-State Salina’s Marchbanks Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence
Kansas State University Salina computer systems technology professor Troy Harding has been named the recipient of the college\'s prestigious Marchbanks Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence for the 2013-2014 school year.More)
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