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NRES Alumni Updates
We enjoy hearing from the alumni of the NRES Secondary Major!  Please take a few minutes to share with us some news about yourself, your activities and accomplishmen (More)
Environmental Scholars Fund for NRES
The Environmental Scholars Fund (F24325) was established in 2015 to support (More)
NRES Seminar Series Update
Dr. Brian McCornack presents “Blending Ecology with Technology to Manage Pests and Beneficial Organisms” on October 17, 2017. The Fall 2017 NRES Seminar Series featured guest p (More)
Fall 2017 Student Capstone Projects
Northview Pond is a stormwater retension pond built in the rapidly developing Northview neighborhood area of northwestern Manhattan. Thirteen students – from three colleges and (More)
Row Hard or Row Home
By Morgan Wolfe 12/4/17 An early seven a.m. cardio workout before class is a normal everyday routine for four food science students. In fact, they also attend weight training every afternoon. Taylor Flowers, Cassidy Haufler, Samantha Samskey and Jo (More)
Slam Your Final Exam
Morgan Wolfe 12/4/17 Well... there's no getting around it; the time of year that we've all been dreading this semester has quickly approa (More)
Student Spotlight: Rene Perla
By Morgan Wolfe 11/27/17 Whether he's running for the K-State track team or studying at Call Hall as a food science student, Rene Perla tr (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Irma O'Dell
"100% of why I think we have continued to make progress and were not stagnate is because of the faculty." Dr. Irma O'Dell is a senior associate dire (More)
Science Communication Week at K-State
By Morgan Wolfe 11/3/17 This week is the first ever Science Communication Week at K-State, and a whole line up of (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Kari Morgan
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