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International students come to K-State to study through Fulbright program
13 international graduate students, from all parts of the world, are advancing their education at Kansas State University through the Fulbright program. The Fulbright program provides international students the opportunity to explore and engage wi (More)
Creating the next generation of scientists
When starting graduate school at Kansas State University in 1967, John Berschied did not realize the lasting impact his chemistry professors would have on his life. As a result of their endless support and guidance, Berschied went on to earn a Ph.D. (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Kevin Wanklyn
Alumni Spotlight: Mayla Kritski Baez
By Morgan Wolfe 10/9/17 From Pastry Chef to Food Scientist, Mayla Kritski Baez has had a variety of experiences in the food industry. Upon recently graduating in spring 2017 with a bachelors degree in food scie (More)
Hello Wildcats!
Hello Wildcats! The Department of Geology at Kansas State University is pleased to announce the publication of its Fall 2017 e-Newsletter.  This is one of the ways we are trying to keep you up to date on the latest developments in our department.  (More)
Tilford Multi-Cultural Competencies on Knowledge Learning
The Tilford Multi-Cultural Competencies define Knowledge Learning as Awareness and understanding needed to live and work in a diverse world. Knowledge of: Cultural Self -- The ability to understand one's ethnic identity and how it influences ide (More)
Culture’s Consequence: The Relationship Between Earnings Management and IAS/IFRS Adoption Across Cultures
New research argues that culture has a particularly important role in earnings management post-IFRS adoption due primarily to the flexibility IFRS cr (More)
New Rock Specimens showcase
The Department recently added new showcases in Room 101 to present rock specimens. Thank you to the Alumni for these nice donations. Good quality Rock samples are always very supportive during class activities. Come to visit them in Room 101! More)
How Kansas State University Assesses
Too often data from assessments of General Education Outcomes (knowledge, oral and written communication, critical thinking, diversity, professional integrity) are ignored or simply not used other than proving the assessment was done. Kansas State Un (More)
4-H Grows Here Banners
In late August, the 4-H Grows Here banners were sent to the Army CYS, Air Force CYP, and Navy CYP installations. Please confirm with your (More)
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