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Champion Pie
Our 2017 Fair is over, and I would say we had a pretty great Fair! As usual I will be posting some of the Champion 4-H Winning Recipes. This week’s recipe comes from Marissa Hurst. Marissa is in the Lucky 13 club and participates in many other 4-H pr (More)
2016 Champion 4-H Quick Bread
It is Fair Season! Since we are busy at the Fair Grounds, I thought I would share the Champion 4-H Quick Bread again. Quick bread is, to me, is one of the more fun to make breads because there is no kneading and no waiting for the bread to rise; m (More)
Back to School Lunches
Schools have been very busy welcoming kids back in to the classroom! If you are packing a lunch keep these tips in mind: Introduce children to a (More)
As summer moves forward, peach season approaches. Whether you pick your own or buy them from your local grocer, it is hard to beat this juicy summer treat! Peaches can be in any meal and more. Here are some ideas to incorporate them into your meals. (More)
Importance of Water
Are you thirsty? Chances are you aren’t but your body really is. Water loss develops quickly if you are working outside; and with this heat, it can happen quickly too. Take a minute and weigh yourself before and activity and at the end. For every pou (More)
Operation Red File
What would happen when if you went down in your home and became unconscious? When the EMS or Firefighters show up would they know you have a DNR, the medication you take, or your emergency contacts? My answer is no, and yours might be no also. Tha (More)
Freezing Fruits
Strawberries and other delicious spring fruits can easily be frozen to enjoy later in the year when they are less available. When freezing any fruits, be sure to freeze only fully ripe, good-quality fruit and wash fruits before freezing. Many frui (More)
National Praline Day
It is National Praline Day! What better way to celebrate than to give you a recipe from Food Network from Paula Dean. Enjoy! More)
Keeping Your Pets Safe
With the severe weather this week, did you have an emergency plan in case something went wrong? Most people have their go to bag, or list that they pack up in (More)
Healthier Life Style
I did a training this week where we talked about how to get individuals to make healthier choices. Is it best to teach them all these new things at once and have them do all these changes at once? Or is it best to try and do one change at a time? Wha (More)
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