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Warm Weather Food Safety Tips
The weather is getting warmer, which is wonderful, but that means we are going to be thinking about eating outside. Whether that is camping, a picnic, family get together, or whatever pulls your meal outside, we need to make sure we are following saf (More)
National Nutrition Month
March is National Nutrition Month; which means I will be talking a little bit about how to better your health with a few simple steps. Physical fitness is very important! Adults need 150 minutes a week, which seems like a lot, but really isn’t. Br (More)
Farming SUCCESSion Conference
Join us for The Key to Farming SUCCESSion Conference on March 20th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM featuring Keynote Speaker, Roger McEowen! Attendees will leave with new knowledge and strategies to grow their business and secure farm assets for future g (More)
Walk Kansas Starts Next Week!
Teen Dating Violence Awareness
February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and in honor of that, I thought I would talk about teens and dating relationships. Teens are starting to have dating relationships sooner rather than later and we as adults need to teach them how t (More)
Walk Kansas is Here!
Want to feel better and have more energy? Maybe you need to blow off some steam from a stressful day or need to get better sleep. Regular exercise can help you achieve this and more. The health benefits from regular exercise and physical activity (More)
Walk Kansas
Dining with Diabetes
  Imagine a gathering with 10 of your friends and family members. Now imagine that at least one of you has a disease that can lead to blindness… or (More)
Family Communication
Does your family have a difficult time communicating with each other sometimes? This article I will give some brief tips from an Essential Living Skills publication I have in my office. If you want more information about it, please give me a call at (More)
Relationship Building
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I have a few ways to better your relationship with your partner. Relationships are hard and they take time and constant work. Try to make these ideas a habit for your relationship and you will be on a better path. (More)
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