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Flu Season
This is a great time of year. Many different types of seasons; Christmas Season, Thanksgiving Season, Giving Season and most importantly it is Flu Se (More)
New Year’s Resolutions
Happy New Year! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Were they personal, professional, simple, complicated, silly, fun, etc.? It is best to have a mixture of all, because in the end you want to become a better person right? Right! Will you be abl (More)
I hope your parents told you that one of the toughest challenges you might face is maintaining a long-term relationship. With that information you might better realize that the pathway of a relationship may have well-paved sections, but it may be lit (More)
How to Store Documents
Most households accumulate papers and records that are important to them but many people do not know the best way to store them. There are two common types of household record storage: at home and a safe deposit box. At Home: Most of your recor (More)
Scam Season
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Hello Scam Season! After all, it is the season for giving! Although consumer scams occur throughout the year, the holiday season provides fertile ground for scammers to target unknowing consumers. Knowing a (More)
Mindfulness Tips during the Holidays 
The holiday season can be stressful for many people.  There are several activities people try to manage.  There are several mindfulness strategies that (More)
Flu Season
This is a great time of year. Many different types of seasons; Christmas Season, Thanksgiving Season, Giving Season and most importantly it is Flu Season! No one wants to get sick and this time of year it is the easiest way to get sick. We all get to (More)
Your Health This Holiday Season
Sharing is caring. This is a mantra you probably first heard at a young age, and it tends to come up often during the holiday season. Is sharing always caring, though? In the case of food gifts, I’m not so sure that it is. While there are many thi (More)
Walk Kansas 2017
Walk Kansas Starts March 19th and runs until May 13th this year! We have lots a great prizes like a Fitbit and activities to ge (More)
Healthier Life Style
I did a training this week where we talked about how to get individuals to make healthier choices. Is it best to teach them all these new things at once and have them do all these changes at once? Or is it best to try and do one change at a time? Wha (More)
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