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Domestic Violence and Males
With all this talk of domestic violence in the news and media these days, I wanted to make sure we talked about victims. Typically, we assume that all victims are female and that is not the case. 1 in 4 men have been physically abused and 1 in 7 men (More)
#MeToo has been all over social media lately. It started from the Harvey Weinstein case. The campaign is about women using the hashtag along with Me Too to tell about their stories of domestic violence. Some of the stories I have read range all over (More)
Teens and Domestic Violence
Did you know violent behavior usually starts between the ages of 12 and 18? That means more and more teens are experiencing dating violence from their partner. This is not a good thing because it affects teens greatly; not just short-term but also lo (More)
Red Flags
This week I want to talk about red flags and what they are. Too often, a relationship becomes very painful and even dangerous before anyone seeks help. Cer (More)
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
It is National Domestic Violence month in October and this is the perfect time to bring awareness and prevention for (More)
Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment will officially start October 15 and will last until December 7 this year. All drug plans will then take effect January 1. Now some people think, “I do not need to review my options, I like my plan and I will stick with it.” What if I (More)
Medicare Changes
Lots of changes are happening in the Medicare world, and it is hard to navigate them all, let along understand them! Great thing your local Ex (More)
These days it seems like we are seeing more couples ending their relationship than staying together. There can be many reasons for that decision, but one of the main problems is communication between the couple. Communication can help you become clos (More)
National Pound Cake Day
National Pound Cake Day is annually observed in the United States on March 4th.  Pound cake lovers, near and far, can celebrate with a piece (or two) of this delicious rich delight. More)
When Disasters Strike
When disasters strike, we tend to want to help out. If you neighbor loses their house to a fire/tornado or any other disaster, we would give blankets, towels, clothing, food, water, and any other basic needs. What happens when disasters strike acr (More)
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