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4-H Military Partnership Report 2016
Due to the multiple issues last year with the report saving information in Qualtrics, the 2016 report will be entered into Access (requested information will be the same as 2015). Qualtrics will still be used as the system to get the report to the re (More)
Lifeline 911 Bill One Step Closer to Being Made Law
Andy Hurtig, Student Body President “We couldn’t be more excited that our state is just one final step away from having Lifeline 911 passed into law. When it comes to student sa (More)
2016 NAE4-HA Awards Applications
From NAE4-HA Newsletter - February 10, 2016 "We all do great work within our 4-H programs across the nation. Why not be recognized for that hard work? The Member Recognition Committee would like to encourage you to apply for an award as a member o (More)
E-Academy Professional Development Series
From NAE4-HA Newsletter - February 10, 2016 Learning is an essential function and outcome of 4-H youth development experiences. I am excited to announce that the 2016 E-Academy professional development series will focus on learning. The Role of Le (More)
Letter from the Vice President for Student Life Pat Bosco
Dr. Pat Bosco, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students Earlier this month I shared the following letter with students, faculty and staff.  I hope all parents and famil (More)
Tips for Talking & Texting with your Student
  ENCOURAGE your student to: Download K-State’s LiveSafe app on their phone LiveSafe is an app for the K-State community that provides a direct c (More)
Powercat Financial Counseling (PFC): Meet Jodi Kaus
Jodi Kaus, Associate Director of Student Financial Assistance/Director of Powercat Financial Counseling Director of Parent & Family Relations Mindy R. Weixelman recently sa (More)
The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning
I believe parents and families want two things for their college student.  First, you want your student to graduate from college.  Preferably, in a reasonable amount of time. Second, you want your student to get a job.  A good one.  Am I right? (More)
Larry McGee, Director of Administration and Finance, Division of Facilities Lately, I have heard a lot about how employees’ net pay in their paychecks is less.  I’d like to provide you some potential explanations.  I’ve gone back through recent ar (More)
Congratulations to Maria Lomibao on her retirement! Maria worked as a Custodial Specialist for over 25 years and most recently served on the Throckmorton crew. Maria receiving award of (More)
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