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July 2016 Feedlot Facts
“Add Value Through Preconditioning” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  The strong dollar is good for a lot of things, or so I’m told. However, the strong dollar also hurts our export markets because our product instantly becomes more expen (More)
June 2016 Feedlot Facts
“Antimicrobial Resistance”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  A very smart scientist once said, “Anyone who claims they fully understand antimicrobial resistance simply hasn’t studied it enough yet!” Development of antimicrobial resistanc (More)
May 2016 Feedlot Facts
“Shade for Developing Bulls” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  When feeding young bulls for sale, a compromise must be made between absolute maximum performance and long-term health of the bulls. If only short-term performance were the (More)
April 2016 Feedlot Facts
“Ammoniation of Wheat Straw dramatically improves Feeding Value” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist Although it’s a strange time to discuss winter forage needs, it’s about the right time to be planning what to do with wheat straw left after (More)
March 2016 Feedlot Facts
“A Cowboy’s Guide to the VFD” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist The veterinary feed directive (VFD) is essentially a prescription, written by your veterinarian, to your feed supplier, authorizing the supplier to sell you a medicated feed, (More)
February 2016 Feedlot Facts
“A Pinch of Salt” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist For ranchers who live in areas where grass tetany is common, the fear of suddenly losing a good cow and prevention planning is a normal part of the ranching calendar. Grass tetany, of (More)
January 2016 Feedlot Facts
“Feeding Cows to Maintain Body Condition Score”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  The “optimum” or “target” body condition score for beef cows, at the time of calving, is a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 5 on a 9-point scale. BCS of 1-3 a (More)
December 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Mud Season….Again”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  Consider the humble Box Blade. As a feedlot nutritionist, you’d think my favorite piece of equipment or technology would be the steam-flaker, the feed mixer, the small-ingredient i (More)
November 2015 Feedlot Facts
“High Risk Calf Nutrition”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  What are the three most critical required “nutrients” for high-risk calves who have been on a truck for an extended period? Hay, water, and rest. Alright, those aren’t all exac (More)
October 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Weaning Nutrition”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  The biggest hurdle in getting calves started off right in the fall is the weather. The sooner you get calves through the stress of weaning and started on feed, the better. If calves g (More)
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