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June 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Market Weight”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist The world wants your product. And they want more of it. And they’re paying more for it than ever before. So your market signal is to produce more of it for them. But how? The shortage o (More)
May 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Watch the Fat – an Update” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  Since the advent of cattle feeding, we learned early on that cattle make very good use of by-product feeds that monogastrics---pigs, chickens, and people---can use very little (More)
April 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Deworming Feeder Cattle” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist The value of deworming pasture and feedlot cattle has been clearly demonstrated to the livestock community; the research is definitive and media surveys indicate that ranchers and (More)
March 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Mud Season….Again”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  Consider the humble Box Blade. As a feedlot nutritionist, you’d think my favorite piece of equipment or technology would be the steam-flaker, the feed mixer, the small-ingredient i (More)
February 2015 Feedlot Facts
“There’s Still Time”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  As we approach calving season, there may still be time to “save” your thin heifers and cows. If you have bred your cows to begin calving in late March or later, there’s time. However (More)
January 2015 Feedlot Facts
“Feeding Cows to Maintain Body Condition Score”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  The “optimum” or “target” body condition score for beef cows, at the time of calving, is a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 5 on a 9-point scale. BCS of 1-3 a (More)
December 2014 Feedlot Facts
“Body Condition Scoring Beef Cows”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  In spite of the high cost of feed, ranchers need to be vigilant to the condition in which our cows go into calving. If cows are thin at calving time, there will be redu (More)
November 2014 Feedlot Facts
“Value Equation”  by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist  For those ranchers who’ve received adequate rain this year, the combination of high calf prices and inexpensive feed creates a unique opportunity. Weaning onto the ranch and backgroun (More)
October 2014 Feedlot Facts
“Mud Mitigation” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist   As cattle people we grudgingly accept the various natural elements as part of the cost of doing business. Rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures are part of life in Kansas for rancher (More)
September 2014 Feedlot Facts
“The Value of a Pound” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist What’s another pound of calf worth at sale time? Is it simply the same as the value per pound of the calf, or is it more complicated than that? This is actually quite important in (More)
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