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Fertilizing Strawberries
Strawberry beds might be done producing for the summer, but that doesn’t mean we can forget them. An August application of nitrogen on spring-bearing strawberries is important in order to increase the number of strawberries produced next spring. Plen (More)
Tomato Troubles
Have your tomatoes not been producing like they should this year? We have some solutions to the most common issues you will see in your garden. Watch this video for a successful harvest:[/embed (More)
Foliar Disease of Tomatoes
This year has been very wet and humid. In some ways this can benefit our plants. However, it can also encourage disease. Two common leaf-spot diseases appear on tomato plants, septoria leaf spot and early blight, both appear as brown spots on tomato (More)
Pruning Your Landscape Trees
Do you have some trees in your landscape that could use a little pruning? Properly pruning trees is very important to insure the health of the tree and safety of your landscape. Watch this video to learn how to prune young trees in your yard. [emb (More)
Plant Some Squash!
If spring got away from you and you didn’t get all your seeds planted, don’t fret! There is still plenty of time to plant squash. Now is a great time to plant pumpkins and winter squash so they don’t try to mature fruit during the heat of summer but (More)
Growing Tomatoes 101
Do you want to have the best tomato plants ever this year? Follow the step in this guide to have beautiful tomatoes all season long. Post Rock Extension Blog: More)
Dealing with Chiggers
Chiggers are mites, not insects. And like all mites, the adults have eight legs.  However, the larva only has six legs. Though the bright red female adult is tiny (about 1/20th of an inch) the larva is much smaller (about 1/150th of an inch). Only (More)
Planting for Fragrance
If you want to sit in your garden and not only enjoy the sites, but also the smells consider planting some fragrant flowers. Floral fragrance effects our emotions and memories in positive ways. To add some wonderful smells to your garden, choose rose (More)
Herbs: From Seed to Seasoning
Healthy food choices don’t have to be boring and bland. Come learn how to cook with less salt but more flavor. We will demonstrate how to add herbs to your favorite recipes and grow them in your garden. Join us for a fun night of cooking and garde (More)
How to Harvest Lettuce
If you planted lettuce this spring, it won’t be long before it’s time to harvest. Lettuce is fun to grow because it’s one of our quickest vegetables. There are a few different ways to harvest the leaves and enjoy them over the summer. Watch this vide (More)
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