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If you have ever seen them when small you have to admit they are kind of cute!  Those little camouflage bags are hard to see but if you do they are unique in the insect world!  Bagworm can be found on numerous trees and shrubs but especially junipers (More)
Harvey County Farmer's Market
Fresh vegetables and fruit are almost in season!  Farmer’s Markets across the state are opening now! The Harvey C (More)
Peach Trees
A hot topic problem at the moment is happening to peach trees! Peach leaf curl is one of the most common diseases of peach in the state. Symptoms first appear in early spring on expanding foliage. Young, infected leaves become thickened and distor (More)
April Showers Bring May Flowers!
April showers bring May flowers!  Yes this is true but it also brings other unwanted plants as well.  With rain and/or irrigation we ta (More)
Pine Problems
A healthy pine is a thing of beauty!  If you have one or several consider yourself lucky.  Pine trees have lots of problems that can arise in the Kansas Climate. Dothistroma needle blight is a common and serious disease of Austrian and Ponderosa pine (More)
Buffalograss Isn’t Tall Fescue!
Back to the topic of turf chores.  We know that fescue is probably the most used turfgrass in Harvey County.  It has the longest green season, tolerates shade and looks nice when mowed.  It is a cool season grass that likes cooler weather and that is (More)
Weed Control
Some of the best low impact exercise can be attained by gardening.  Weed control is one of the gardening activities that helps get steps in and makes the garden look better too!  One of these weeds is bindweed. Field bindweed is difficult to contr (More)
Chores of Owning a Lawn
Oh the chores of owning a lawn!  Most homeowners in Harvey County have tall fescue lawns.  Fescue differs from buffalograss or Bermundagrass in that is grows best in the cool season of the year, thus it is known as a cool-season grass (along with per (More)
If You Plant Them You Need to Provide Some Nutrients as Well!
If you planted cole crops such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower around St. Patrick's Day, we are near the time when they will need a little fertilizer boost. These plants need to mature before summer heat arrives, so they must grow quickly while (More)
Hold the Water!
Avoid watering established tall fescue or bluegrass lawns prematurely in the spring. Even well-established tall fescue or bluegrass lawns must be watered regularly throughout the growing season to keep them green and growing. Buffalo grass is the mos (More)
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