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How Long Will Your Mums Last?
Pumpkins, corn stalks, and mums will likely be decorating our porches. Some people purchase mums every year and some have their mums come back every season. People often wonder if chrysanthemums are an annual or a perennial plant. Watch this video to (More)
Fall Leaves and Your Lawn
With cooler temperatures coming, leaves will soon be falling from deciduous trees. It's a good time to stop and think about options for handling the litter. Although a scattering of leaves won’t harm the lawn, excessive cover prevents sunlight from r (More)
Planting Bulbs for Spring Color
Late September through October is an excellent time to plant spring-flowering bulbs such as crocus, tulips, and daffodils. These plants need to develop roots in the fall and must meet a chilling requirement over the winter in order to bloom in the sp (More)
Planting Garlic
Are you sad gardening season is coming to an end? You might not be thinking about planting vegetables in September, but fall is the perfect time to plant garlic! Just like tulips and daffodils, garlic is planted in the fall and harvested in early sum (More)
Caring for Your Cool Season Lawns
If you only fertilize your cool season lawn once a year, September is the best time to do it. Do you know the best practices to keep your lawn looking great? Listen to our latest lawn care radio segment for more tips. More)
Planting Trees in Fall
The fall season can be an excellent time to plant trees. During the spring, soils are cold and may be so wet that low oxygen levels inhibit root growth. The warm and moist soils associated with fall encourage root growth. Fall root growth means the t (More)
Fall Webworms
Fall webworm feeds on almost all fruit, shade, and ornamental trees except conifers. This insect is present more often on trees that are not surrounded by other trees. The larvae begin by constructing small webs near the ends of branches. The insect (More)
Fall Gardening
Do you wish you could have a second chance on your garden this year? Lucky for you many cool-season garden crops in Kansas can be planted again for a fall harvest.  Probably the last thing most gardeners are thinking of now is planting vegetables. Ho (More)
Tomato Troubles
Have your tomatoes not been producing like they should this year? We have some solutions to the most common issues you will see in your garden. Watch this video for a successful harvest: By: More)
Dividing Your Daylilies
If you were disappointed in the quality of your daylily blooms this year, it may be time to divide. Daylilies need to be divided every three to four years to maintain vigor. This is the best time of year to divide them, but they can also be divided i (More)
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