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Caring For Your Trees
We all know the weather in Kansas can be extreme! Plants that grow in Kansas have to be tough.  Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to help them along a little thought. Many young, smooth, thin-barked trees such as honey locusts, fruit trees, ashes, oaks (More)
Turfgrass Benefits
  Fall is a great time to plant, over seed, core-aerate, power rake and fertilize tall fescue so to continue on the topic of lawns, what ar (More)
When to Culture you Fescue Lawn
Image from University of Florida This week’s column is abo (More)
Harvesting Sunflower Seeds
Sunflowers are usually ready to be harvested beginning in mid-September and into October. Seed heads can ripen on the plant, but they will need protection from birds. Try covering the heads with a paper sack or cheesecloth once the petals start turni (More)
Harvey County Soil
Horticulturally speaking, much of Harvey County soil dominated by clay.  I know there are exceptions but in my experience with lawns here the clay content is very high.  Right now is the optimum time to power rake or core-aerate our cool season lawns (More)
Planting a Fall Garden
Cassie HomanHorticulture Agent Do you need a second chance with your garden this year? Lucky for you, fall is an excellent time for gardening in Kansas. Growing conditions are (More)
Fall Lawn Care
The month of September signals the prime time to fertilize your tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass lawns. If you could only fertilize your cool-season grasses once per year, this would be the best time to do it. These grasses are entering their fal (More)
State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest
Here is a question for you! What is the period of critical water need for beans or peas? a) Flowering           b) head development      c)   pod enlargement   d)  root enlargement This is one of the 4-H Horticulture judging question from the past (More)
Tomato Tasting Results
When I receive the test plot trial tomatoes to evaluate for Kansas State University I never know what to expect. We receive 6 plants each of 10 different varieties for a total of 60 tomato plants.  Half of these are grown in the Giving Garden in Newt (More)
Master Gardener Training Class Opens Enrollment
It’s coming!  You can be a pro or a novice, this program is for everyone.  Are you interested in learning about landscaping trees, turf, flowers, veg (More)
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