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Keeping up your Lawn this Winter
If you have every visited with me and we have talked about watering lawns, or trees you know I have a philosophy of not wasting water and watering when plants need it not when it’s Tuesday. Well here we are in winter, no snow has fallen or any moi (More)
Composting Leaves
Everywhere I go I see leaves on the ground or in bags.   The good thing is we don’t have to send all of our fallen leaves to the landfill but (More)
Adding Organic Matter to Garden Soil
My experience with Harvey County lawns and gardens is that for the most part our soil is clay dominated and low in organic matter. Organic matter is needed in soil to increase soil drainage, make soil friable, create a better root growing zone for pl (More)
Christmas Plants Brighten the Holiday
Christmas plants such as poinsettias, holiday cactus, and amaryllis bulbs are a fun way to bring some color to the winter months. They like a bright, sunny location in your home and regular watering. With proper care these plants can be kept from yea (More)
O' Christmas Tree
If you decide to buy a fresh Christmas tree this holiday it is best to shop local. Don’t forget to recut the trunk and keep your tree in water for longevity and to prevent fire hazards. Follow this link to pick the perfect tree for your holiday se (More)
Plants are a Perfect Holiday Gift
Cassie HomanHorticulture Agent If you need a gift idea for friends or family, consider getting them an indoor plant. (More)
Protecting Seedling from Deer
Deer can cause serious damage to newly planted seedlings and young trees. When they browse the buds, they reduce growth rates, nipping the tree at the base can create multiple stemmed trees, and bucks rubbing their antlers on stems can kill the tree (More)
Garden Seed Can
I know many people save garden seed from year to year. Why would we do this? You may have your favorite variety of watermelon that you just can’t find anywhere so you keep the seed. Besides, garden seed can be expensive, and you may want to consider (More)
Chores of Owning a Lawn
Oh the chores of owning a lawn!  Most homeowners in Harvey County have tall fescue lawns.  Fescue differs from buffalograss or Bermundagrass in that is grows best in the cool season of the year, thus it is known as a cool-season grass (along with per (More)
Water Landscape Plants
We all know how unpredictable the weather is in Kansas. This week it’s hot, last week it was wet, next week is supposed to be dry, so it goes on. What h (More)
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