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Get Growin’ Garden Series
Spring is just around the corner, planning your garden and landscape can start today! Join us for this three-part garden series, Fridays in February at the Beloit Municipal Building Trail Room from 12:10-12:45pm. Contact Cassie Homan at your local Ex (More)
Caring for Valentine’s Day Flowers
If you are gifting or receiving Valentines flower this year, follow these tips to keep them fresh. Keep the vase filled or floral foam soaked with warm water. Add fresh, warm water daily. If possible, recut stems by removing one to two inches wi (More)
Navigating Through a Seed Catalog
Even though it may be cold and dreary outside, seed catalogs are starting to arrive! You can request catalogs for free from most seed suppliers. They are often shiny, colorful, and offer the latest high quality seeds. If you find the catalogs a bit o (More)
Master Gardener Pepper Trial
2017 marked the second summer that the Master Gardeners conducted a Sweet Pepper Trial in the Post Rock District. A total of 69 pounds of peppers were harvested and donated to senior centers, family, and friends. The varieties that had the largest yi (More)
Pruning Fruit Trees
Winter Garden chores are ongoing!  The dormant season, late fall-winter is the best time to prune fruit trees as long as the wood isn’t frozen.  Following are some general recommendations on pruning mature fruit trees followed by more specific instru (More)
Extensive Plant Research
Kansas State University has a horticulture research center just south of Wichita named the John C. Pair Horticultural Center.  Extensive plant research is done at the center.  In 2007 they established a National Elm Trial with 18 cultivars. All of th (More)
Central Kansas Market Grower & Vendor Workshop
Extension offices in Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, and Reno Counties and the Kansas Department of Agriculture will conduct the 2018 Central Kansas Market Grower a (More)
Winter Gardening?
Gardening inside in the winter!  Yes, there are ways to garden inside in the cold winter months in Kansas.   This idea is not so far-fetched if you consider growing selected citrus plants indoors. Most varieties of oranges and other citrus grown comm (More)
Extension Master Gardener Program
Do you have winter blues and miss your garden? If you have a passion for plants and the outdoors, consider joining the Extension Master Gardener Program. With this fun program you will receive a mini horticulture degree and be able to give back to yo (More)
Watering Houseplants
How do you water your houseplants?  Every day?  Each Tuesday?  Fill a coffee cup and give it to your plants every once in a while?  Houseplants are probably killed or injured more often by improper watering than by any other single factor. No general (More)
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