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Have You Seen Slime Mold?
Slime molds are common on turf and mulch and sometimes on tree trunks. Slime molds are not fungi and are no longer classified as such. They belong to the Kingdom Protista rather than Kingdom Fungi. On turf, you might see large numbers of small gray, (More)
Weeds That Take Over Your Lawn
During the summer our lawns are green and growing. Unfortunately, this is also when weeds thrive, a common weed in Kansas is Little Barley. For more information on controlling Little Barley check out my latest blog post. Post Rock Extension Blog: (More)
Stresses on Horticulture
So, in the past 9 months we’ve had a late hard freeze, little rainfall, and before this was the driest six month winter period since 1936?  That is a lot of stress on plants! This stress can take its toll.  Environmental stressors such as drought, (More)
Be sure to check out these great landscapes during the Second Century Library Foundation Flower and  Garden Tour in Newton this weekend!  The times are: 9 AM to Noon on Saturday, June 9 and 1 to 4 PM on Sunday, June 10. The homes on the tour include: (More)
Why Your Vegetables Aren't Fruiting
If you have vegetables that are blooming but not setting fruit, you may have a problem with flower pollination. There are several possible reasons for this that usually vary by species. One condition that can affect several species at the same time i (More)
The Dreaded Squash Bug
Squash bugs are the grey, shield-shaped bugs that feed on squash and pumpkin plants. If you have had problems with these insects in the past, you know that they are almost impossible to control when mature. This is because the squash bugs have a hard (More)
Controlling Bagworms
Now is the time to start controlling bagworms. We often don’t think about control measures until it’s too late and the insects are already done feeding and in their bags. Controlling them before that stage is critical. Watch this video to learn ho (More)
There are many benefits to using mulch!  Mulching is an important practice that is often overlooked. Mulching can reduce the time spent in cultivating. A mulch can: * Conserve soil water. * Control weed growth. * Keep soil temperature uni (More)
Successful Vegetable Garden
If you were to ask a farmers’ market grower what it takes to have a successful vegetable garden he or she may say it takes a lot of work!  A lot of effort goes into producing a successful garden be it for the farmers’ market or in the back yard. Ther (More)
Care and Management for Established Lawns
The fescue lawns in Harvey County have greened up in the cooler temperatures of spring!  Lots of lawn mowers humming and edgers buzzing let us know its lawn maintenance season too. Mowing: Turf-types: 2 to 3 inches. K-31: 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 inches. Ra (More)
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