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Crabgrass Preventers
Have you struggled with weeds in your lawn, flower beds, and garden? Crabgrass is a very common Kansas weed that seems to thrive in our hot summer weather. Get ahead of weeds this year by applying a preemergent herbicide. The best time to apply is ar (More)
Composting: Making Black Gold
Many of our soils in Kansas are far from ideal. We often face high pH and low Nitrogen. We can add fertilizer or we can naturally amend our soils using compost. Composting is easy to start and a great way to recycle your kitchen and garden scraps! (More)
Fruit Tree Workshops
Come learn how to care for your fruit trees and help them succeed in our unpredictable Kansas climate! Saturday, March 23 at 9:00am and 2:00pm SAME DATE... but offering two different locations and times! Morning Session Mankato Christian Church (More)
Forcing Stems of Woody Plants for Indoor Bloom
This winter seems like it will never end. So in the meantime here is a fun activity you can do indoors to have some pretty blooms before spring fully arrives. Stems of a number of woody plants can be forced into bloom for indoor display. Of course (More)
Lawn Calendar for Warm-Season Grass
Warm seasons grasses include Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, and Zoysiagrass they require special care to survive our hot and dry summers.  Year round attention is needed to keep the weeds down and help your grass look green and lush. Follow this DIY cal (More)
Get Growin’ Garden Series
Spring is just around the corner, planning your garden and landscape can start today! Join us for this three-part garden series, Wednesdays in February at the Osborne Public Library from 12:10-12:45pm. Contact Cassie Homan at your local Extension Off (More)
Caring for Valentine’s Day Flowers
If you are gifting or receiving Valentines flowers this year, follow these tips to keep them fresh. Keep the vase filled or floral foam soaked with warm water. Add fresh, warm water daily. If possible, recut stems by removing one to two inches w (More)
Navigating Through a Seed Catalog
Even though it may be cold and dreary outside, seed catalogs are starting to arrive! You can request catalogs for free from most seed suppliers. They are often shiny, colorful, and offer the latest high quality seeds. If you find the catalogs a bit o (More)
Extension Master Gardener Program
Do you have winter blues and miss your garden? If you have a passion for plants and the outdoors, consider joining the Extension Master Gardener Program. With this fun program you will receive a mini horticulture degree and be able to give back to yo (More)
Forcing Bulbs in Winter
Bulbs made to flower at other than normal times are said to be forced. The practice of forcing is commonly used to flower daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocus and other spring bulbs during the winter. This is a fun activity to do in the winter, to cr (More)
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