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Watering Houseplants
How do you water your houseplants?  Every day?  Each Tuesday?  Fill a coffee cup and give it to your plants every once in a while?  Houseplants are probably killed or injured more often by improper watering than by any other single factor. No general (More)
Protecting Your Plants from Winter Hazards
We have been lucky this year with beautiful fall days and above normal temperatures. However, the forecast for the next few weeks shows temperatures dropping and we could possibly be facing snow or ice. When picking an ice melt it is important to (More)
Feeding Birds in Winter
Winter weather is not only hard on people but can be a life and death struggle for birds. Though birds also require water and shelter, food is often the resource most lacking during cold weather. Many different bird food mixes are available because v (More)
Houseplants are Easy and Fun
Did you know? According to the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture, plants in the workplace reduce employee sick time by 14% and has been shown to increase happiness and productivity! Having a plant in your office or home is a great way to (More)
Fall Tree Color Variation
 Football and leaf fall make this time of year great!  Part of the allure of fall foliage is color variation. There are trees that tur (More)
Christmas Tree Fun Facts
I like talking and writing about trees! I hope you find this column both educational and interesting. Great Moments in Christmas Tree (More)
Keeping up your Lawn this Winter
If you have every visited with me and we have talked about watering lawns, or trees you know I have a philosophy of not wasting water and watering when plants need it not when it’s Tuesday. Well here we are in winter, no snow has fallen or any moi (More)
Composting Leaves
Everywhere I go I see leaves on the ground or in bags.   The good thing is we don’t have to send all of our fallen leaves to the landfill but (More)
Adding Organic Matter to Garden Soil
My experience with Harvey County lawns and gardens is that for the most part our soil is clay dominated and low in organic matter. Organic matter is needed in soil to increase soil drainage, make soil friable, create a better root growing zone for pl (More)
Christmas Plants Brighten the Holiday
Christmas plants such as poinsettias, holiday cactus, and amaryllis bulbs are a fun way to bring some color to the winter months. They like a bright, sunny location in your home and regular watering. With proper care these plants can be kept from yea (More)
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