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Tired of Bagging Fall Leaves?
In fall we often have an abundance of leaves in our gardens and lawns. Instead of bagging and hauling them to the local dump, consider a few of these options to get the most out of the great organic matter leaves offer. Shred leaves and let them (More)
Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant a Tree
You may have heard the Chinese Proverb “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”  Trees offer shade and beauty in our landscapes as well as reducing utility costs and providing food sources and habitat for wildlife (More)
Fall Mums
Nature always gives us signals as seasons change. When summer starts to shift toward fall, the leaves begin to change colors. Another sure sign that fall is right around the corner is the arrival of colorful and beautiful fall mums in garden centers. (More)
Dividing Peonies in Fall:
Peonies are a favorite perennial of gardeners because of their beauty and low maintenance. In Kansas, peonies provide a beautiful display of flowers each spring around Memorial Day. Though peonies can be left in place indefinitely, many gardeners wis (More)
Caring for Your Cool Season Lawns:
If you only fertilize your cool season lawn once a year, September is the best time to do it. Do you know the best practices to keep your lawn looking great? Here is an excellent cool season lawn care guide and calendar: More)
Harvesting Winter Squash:
Summer squash such as zucchini and crookneck squash are harvested while immature. However, winter squash such as acorn, hubbard and butternut are harvested later, in the mature stage, after the rind is tough and seeds have developed. We normally thin (More)
Fertilizing Strawberries
Strawberry beds might be done producing for the summer, but that doesn’t mean we can forget them. An August application of nitrogen on spring-bearing strawberries is important in order to increase the number of strawberries produced next spring. Plen (More)
Tomato Troubles
Have your tomatoes not been producing like they should this year? We have some solutions to the most common issues you will see in your garden. Watch this video for a successful harvest:[/embed (More)
Foliar Disease of Tomatoes
This year has been very wet and humid. In some ways this can benefit our plants. However, it can also encourage disease. Two common leaf-spot diseases appear on tomato plants, septoria leaf spot and early blight, both appear as brown spots on tomato (More)
Pruning Your Landscape Trees
Do you have some trees in your landscape that could use a little pruning? Properly pruning trees is very important to insure the health of the tree and safety of your landscape. Watch this video to learn how to prune young trees in your yard. [emb (More)
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