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Watering Your Lawn
Knowing how often and how much to water your lawn can be tricky. With the lack of rain, it may be tempting to over water your grass. However, you can use past weather data from K-State’s Weather Data Library to figure the exact about of Evapotranspir (More)
Top 10 Insects in Your Garden
Cassie HomanHorticulture Agent Have you ever been in your garden and found a mysterious insect, you weren’t sure what it was or how to control it? This program is for you! Our (More)
Iris Bacterial Soft Rot
If your irises aren’t looking healthy this year, they may have a condition called bacterial soft rot. The bacteria will cause a smelly and slimy rot of the leaves and rhizomes. Leaves often separate easily from the rhizome. If your plants are heavily (More)
Fertilize Your Plants by Sidedressing
Sidedressing, also referred to as topdressing, is the practice of fertilizing your plants as they are actively growing. This is done using a fertilizer high in nitrogen and gives your plants an extra boost during the growing season. Done correctly, s (More)
Why do weeds invade your lawn!
Weeds are opportunist! Meaning they grow when the conditions (opportunity) is right for them. Too dry, too wet, poor soil drainage, compacted soil, temperature, etcetera, weeds will find a way! Why do weeds invade your lawn? Improper mowing. Mowi (More)
Beet/Swiss Chard
Beets, beets, beets!  We ate lots of beets growing up because dad grew them and mom canned them!  I still do like them and grow them each year mainly to eat in salads.  Beets are a popular vegetable and can be grown as a spring or fall crop in Ka (More)
There is nothing like fresh fruit from your own backyard!  If you have a little bit of space, you should try to raise strawberries to eat yourself and share with the neighbors.  Of course, if you are growing them your will have to take care of them.  (More)
Trees and Drought
I hope to never see summers like 2011 and 2012.  Dry and hot!  These conditions are (More)
Weeds are Opportunist
Weeds are opportunist!  They grow when the conditions are just right for them to germinate and thrive.  Some germinate in cool weather some in warm weather.  Some weeds just grow no matter what, period.  The plant with the little purple flowers that (More)
Herbs: From Seeds to Seasoning
If you love cooking and gardening, then we have the perfect class for you. Healthy food choices don’t have to be boring and bland. Come learn how to cook with less salt but more flavor. We will demonstrate how to add herbs to your favorite recipes an (More)
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