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Tally Time: Preparing for Calving Season
By Sandy Johnson, Extension Beef Specialist, Colby, KS The checklist below is designed to help you plan and prepare to improve the success of your c (More)
Dear Wildcats, We hope your 2018 and semester is off to a great start! We wanted to give you an end of the year update for 2017 from the Student Governing Association and highlight some things to look forward to for the spring semester. The s (More)
Executive Branch Updates
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee met with the Associate Vice President of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs in their final meeting to discuss plans and goals for the spring. The committee is looking forward to hitting the ground ru (More)
Legislative Branch Updates
Last semester, 32 interns were selected to participate in a yearlong program designed to educate and prepare students to become future leaders across the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches of SGA. These students will participate in conv (More)
Judicial Branch Updates
The Judicial Branch implemented a training program last semester for the entire branch. Every two weeks departments from K-State come and present to the Judicial Branch informing members of how they can help students on campus. The implementat (More)
Next Issue....
Look at the calendar! You're shifting into second semester and life is good, right? Well, just in case you need a little cheering on--and maybe a smile or two, we're going to provide the following stories in our next issue: Assessments—how you A (More)
Join us for this Olathe event!
A few words...websites...movies of advice
Here are some books and other resources some of your former professors offer as ways to inspire you in your new career of teaching: Dr. Brad Burenhei (More)
'Tis the Season...for colds and flu
It's official! Winter has arrived and will be sticking around for several more weeks! Here are a few suggestions to keep you warm, happy, and teaching thr (More)
Snow Days: Keeping Your Lessons Flexible
Bluemont Hall decorated by a winter snowfall. Snow days bring their share of qu (More)
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