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Look at the calendar! You're shifting into second semester and life is good, right? Well, just in case you need a little cheering on--and maybe a smile or two, we're going to provide the following stories in our next issue: Assessments—how you A (More)
Join us for this Olathe event!
A few words...websites...movies of advice
Here are some books and other resources some of your former professors offer as ways to inspire you in your new career of teaching: Dr. Brad Burenhei (More)
'Tis the Season...for colds and flu
It's official! Winter has arrived and will be sticking around for several more weeks! Here are a few suggestions to keep you warm, happy, and teaching thr (More)
Snow Days: Keeping Your Lessons Flexible
Bluemont Hall decorated by a winter snowfall. Snow days bring their share of qu (More)
Your the numbers
Talk to me! I'm waiting for an update from YOU!
We are waiting for an update from you! Why don't you send us a photo of you at work in your classroom! Or, do you have a question about classroom procedures? A sugg (More)
#WeAreEdCats Has Resources to Help
Have you checked this out yet? We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your career! Check out #WeAreEdCats fo (More)
In the Classroom: James (Austin) Smith
Austin helps a student through an assignment. Name: James (Au (More)
Leadership Opportunity for 4-H'ers
The Kansas State University Animal Sciences Leadership Academy is an intensive four-day educational experience designed to enhance the leadership skills and animal science knowledge of students in ninth through 12th grades. Students from across the c (More)
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