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9 EDCATS receive Horizon Awards
Nine of the 32 first-year Kansas educators recently notified by the Kansas State Department of Education as the 2019 Kansas Horizon Award program are EDCATS. That's nearly 30 percent of the entire group, but we're not surprised! The 2019 Kansas Ho (More)
Let it snow! You're ready for it!
Bluemont Hall decorated by a winter snowfall. Snow days bring their share of qu (More)
In the Classroom: Andrew Scherer
Andrew Scherer is enjoying his new teaching posit (More)
Coming up...
Look at the calendar! You're shifting into second semester and life is good, right? Well, just in case you need a little cheering on--and maybe a smile or two, we're going to provide the following stories in our next issue: Assessments—how you A (More)
Colds and flu...headed your way
It's official! Winter has arrived and will be sticking around for several more weeks! Here are a few suggestions to keep you warm, happy, and teaching thr (More)
Custodians and office assistants...your new BFFs
In case you haven't made the connections yet, two of your new best friends should be a custodian and an office assistant. Rumor has it those individuals can save you a mountain of trouble by helping you figure things out in your new school. With bad (More)
Need a little inspiration? Faculty members offer suggestions
Here are some books and other resources some of your former professors offer as ways to inspire you in your new career of teaching: Dr. Brad Burenhei (More)
Join us at #WeAreEdCats
EdCats continues to grow! Are you a part of this great network? We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your (More)
I'm waiting to hear from you!
What's up? Why don't you send us a photo of you at work in your classroom! Or, do you have a question about classroom procedures? A suggestion for a topic we sh (More)
KSU Foundation phone numbers change Jan. 22
To better serve you and optimize KSU Foundation resources, we will be switching telephone services as of January 22, 2019. Thi (More)
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