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Welcome to Our Team!
Jayme Cockrell Jayme Cockrell was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Mary Grubbs. Arthu (More)
The Department of Space Management provides comprehensive facilities space planning, space allocation, and facility data information for K-State. The purpose of space management is to ensure university resources are planned, maintained, and managed i (More)
Happy Birthday!
Garmin Winners Announced
Our lucky Walk Kansas winners for the Garmin activity trackers are: Lincoln County: Lorrie Huehl Jewell County: Jennifer Anderson Smith County: Dixie Lamont Osborne County: Dwight Naber Mitchell County: Stephanie Simmons -Ashley Goudey (More)
Farmers Market Information
K-State Research and Extension has recently updated the Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors: Regulations and Bes (More)
Great time to try Papaya!
Have you ever eaten papaya? June is papaya month so try papaya on the grill, in a smoothie, dried, or in a salad! Papaya is a good source of potassium and folate and is an excellent source of Vitamins C & A. Did you know that papaya range in colo (More)
Flower Power Eggs
Directions: Slice bell peppers (green, red, yellow, orange) into ½ inch rings. Heat a lightly oiled skillet on low. Place pepper rings in the skillet. Crack an egg in the middle of each ring. Wash bell peppers with water. Stem and remove co (More)
Sun Tea Safety
Think twice before you brew your sun tea. Using the sun as a method to brewing tea is highly discouraged. The sun tea will not get hotter than 130°F, which is not hot enough to kill bacteria. The CDC recommends the following when making tea: Brew (More)
Take Care of Your Mental Health
Some people believe only individuals diagnosed with a mental illness need to pay attention to their mental health. In reality, all people need to pay attention to their mental health. Mental health is a valuable part of a person’s wellness throughout (More)
You Asked It!
You Asked It! is a monthly newsletter that contains articles based on questions received, current food safety issues, or information based on the time of year developed by the Rapid Response Center. In the June edition you will find articles on: (More)
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