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December 2016 Management Minute
“Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Modern Workplace” by Chris Reinhardt, Feedlot Specialist At the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we strive to meet our physical and physiological needs, such as food, water, shelter, and safety and security. But (More)
October 2016 Management Minute
"Define Quality" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist What makes a quality employee and team mate? Work ethic, intelligence, and integrity would likely all come to mind for most of us. But what about how a person contributes to the workplace (More)
November 2016 Management Minute
"Continuing Ed" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist The day we choose to quit learning new things is the day we should ride off into the sunset, either literally or figuratively. We should want to be, and we should want to employ, eager life (More)
September 2016 Management Minute
"Preferred Employer" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist If only 70% of our cows settle in a given breeding season, and we need to cull the other 30% for infertility, how much selection pressure can we implement based on other production tra (More)
August 2016 Management Minute
"Teaching" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist “There’s no leadership without teaching,” said a speaker at a conference I recently attended. And at the time it felt like one of those sayings that at once seems obvious and profound at the s (More)
July 2016 Management Minute
"Poised for Success" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist Letting people go is probably every manager’s least favorite part of their job, including an OSHA inspection or an IRS audit. But it is a part of management of people and of teams; not (More)
June 2016 Management Minute
"Quit Interviewing Wrong" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist As managers, we trust our people-reading skills and intuition. Good managers certainly can read people. But the problem is that we will ultimately be wrong. We will be right, and (More)
May 2016 Management Minute
"Continual Training - Get on Board!" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist Unlike things like technology implementation, the geographical location of your business, or any economies of scale your business may have, superior management of your (More)
April 2016 Management Minute
"Servant Leadership" by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist What is a leader? There are many appropriate responses that are all good and right and true. George Patton was a leader. As was his boss, Dwight Eisenhower (a good Kansas boy). Patto (More)
March 2016 Management Minute
“Partnership and Marriage” by Chris Reinhardt, feedlot specialist For those who are married, you may have heard someone say, “Marriage is hard. A good marriage takes work.” Although that sentiment is true at some level, understanding the founda (More)
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