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Judging Foods and Food Preservation
Kansas State Fair judging Before you (More)
Are Easter Eggs Safe?
Sometimes eggs are decorated, used as decorations, and hunted at Easter. Here are some safety tips for Easter eggs. Dyeing e (More)
New Food Preservation Infographics!
Three new infographics have been created to help educate consumers on safe home food preservation. The topics and where they can be found are: What’s Your Elevation? www.rrc.k-sta (More)
Cooking in a Pressure Cooker
Save time, but still make low cost and nutritious meals with a pressure cooker. To use, always read and follow the manufactu (More)
What is Cultured Corn Sugar?
As “natural” foods grow in popularity, food manufacturers look for ingredients to fit the “natural” claim. To prohibit mold growth, the use of cultured dextrose can be used. This sugar powder is fermented. Then it is used in combination with other (More)
Nutrition Differences in Colored Peppers
Bell peppers can add a variety of color to many recipes. But they also add different amounts of nutrition. Red, yellow and orange pe (More)
New Food Preservation Publications
To help preserve food safely, the K-State Research and Extension food preservation publications have been updated and given and fresh look. Some of these has some added recipes, new information on canning with steam canners, and more. These will a (More)
Food Preservation Classes Scheduled
Spring is in the air! And gardeners are itching to get their plants in the ground. It’s also time to plan what will be done (More)
What's Happening in Bluemont Hall?
Dr. Brad Burenheide has returned to the secondary classroom! (More)
In The Classroom
Beth McKinzie prepares for her f (More)
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