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A little more on assessments....
It’s March—which means spring rain (maybe?), a much-deserved break (hopefully with a stop or two in the Little Apple), and assessments! While yo (More)
Horizon Award showcases #EDCATS excellence
KSU's COE led the way when 12 of the 32 first-year educators from Kansas (that's nearly 38 percent!) recently recognized by the Kansas State Department of Education for their outstanding teaching skills through the 2018 Kansas Horizon Award program w (More)
#WeAreEdCats is here to help
Have you checked this out yet? We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your career! Check out #WeAreEdCats fo (More)
Give us an update!
We are waiting for an update from you! Why don't you send us a photo of you at work in your classroom! Or, do you have a question about classroom procedures? A sugg (More)
Trends in Source and Age Verification for Beef Calves Sold via Summer Video Auction from 2010 Through 2017
Objective: The objective of this study was to quantify the effect of source and age verification status on the sale price of beef calf lots sold via summer video auctions from 2010 through 2017 while adjusting for all other factors that significantly (More)
Syngenta Enhanced Feed Corn (Enogen) Containing an Alpha Amylase Expression Trait Improves Feed Efficiency in Growing Calf Diets
Objective: To determine the response of growing calves when fed Enogen Feed (Syngenta) corn, containing an alpha amylase expression trait. Description: A total of 384 English crossbred steers having an average weight of 538 lb and originating from (More)
Sericea Lespedeza Control from Growing-Season Prescribed Burning Causes No Collateral Damage to Non-Target Species
Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of 4 consecutive years of prescribed fire applied to native tallgrass range in either April, August, or September on forage biomass production, soil cover, and basal plant cover. S (More)
Consumer Juiciness Acceptability Supports the Beef Marbling Insurance Theory
Objective: The objective of this study was to determine whether increased marbling reduces the negative impact that increased degree of doneness has on consumer palatability scores. Study Description: Beef strip loins were collected to represent f (More)
Restricting Intake and Increasing Energy Improves Efficiency in Newly Received Growing Cattle and Zelnate Has No Effect
Objectives: Study effects of two limit-fed diets formulated to provide two levels of dietary energy and offered at two different intake rates to target similar gains and analyze the efficacy of a novel DNA-immunostimulant administered on arrival. (More)
Feet and Leg Traits are Moderately to Lowly Heritable in Red Angus Cattle
Objective: The goals of this study were to identify feet and leg indicator traits to be used in beef breed genetic evaluations and develop a scoring method that can be easily adopted by cattle producers. Description: Data were analyzed on 1,885 Re (More)
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