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Visual Degree of Doneness Has an Impact on Palatability Ratings of Consumers Who Had Differing Degree of Doneness Preferences
Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the impact of feeding con­sumers of varying degree of doneness preferences steaks cooked to multiple degrees of doneness on their perceptions of beef palatability. Study Description: Paired L (More)
Management tips to reduce the impact of calf scours
by A.J. Tarpoff DVM, MS. Beef Extension Veterinarian Neonatal calf scours (diarrhea) is a multifactorial issue. The risk and occurrence can change year to year based on many different factors. Due to the cold, wet and windy weather of late, it set (More)
Come home to Bluemont for the K-State Open House
Once again, K-State College of Education Ed Council, faculty, and students will have Bluemont Hall and Holen Courtyard bursting with activ (More)
In case you've missed the COE staff....
OK...this isn't their normal attire, but the COE's Curriculum and Instruction Department recently had its "Big Picture Day," where faculty highlight key research and programs taking place. And, just so it doesn't get too serious, they chose a "prom" (More)
In the Classroom: TJ Slade
As the sign says, TJ's class is OPEN at Salina South. (More)
A Look Ahead
Believe it or not, spring AND the final weeks of your school year are within reach! OK--it's Kansas, so I can't promise the spring thing, but I CAN promise that you only h (More)
Assessments: The Sequel
It’s March—which means spring rain (maybe?), a much-deserved break (hopefully you were able to make a stop or two in the Little Apple), and asse (More)
#WeAreEdCats is here to support you
EdCats continues to grow! Are you a part of this great network? We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your (More)
Have a little fun along the way
We asked some of your favorite Curriculum and Instruction professors, “What do you think is most enjoyable about teachi (More)
Have I heard from you lately?
What's up? Why don't you send us a photo of you at work in your classroom! Or, do you have a question about classroom procedures? A suggestion for a topic we sh (More)
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